Volunteers and Leaders Getting Water in Haiti
Volunteers bring fun and games to Haiti
Volunteers and local Haitians learn how to plant Coffee
Volunteers teach at the Summer Day Camps
Teaching English through music
Volunteers supply clean water for kids in Haiti
Volunteer grinding coffee with local cooks

Vermont-based Volunteers For Peace has been collaborating with community and grassroots organizations in Haiti for over 15 years! Our focus is on education, clean water, and the environment through the lens of cultural exchange. Our project work to empower local leaders, provide meaningful activities for children, and leave behind sustainable projects in the community.

VFP offers projects around the year ranging from 1 week to 3 months.. We also work with community, educational, and family groups in the USA to develop custom projects to meet their goals and skills.

Our Summer Day Camps are offered in four locations in Haiti. In 2014 we provided enrichment activities to more than 800 children.

One of our initiatives for 2015 is to work with community organization to sprout and plant coffee and other trees. This project will increase sustainable revenue streams in rural areas and help reforest Haiti.

Visit our Volunteer Project List for specific project dates and information.