Volunteer for relief in Haiti
A VFP volunteer in Haiti
A volunteer takes a photo of local Haitians
A VFP volunteer paints a mural in Haiti
Haiti Clean Water Project - Haitian kids drinking clean water
Volunteers supply clean water for kids in Haiti
Volunteers enjoying coffee with Haitians

This year marks over 15 years of collaboration between Vermont-based Volunteers For Peace and grassroots organizations in rural Haiti! We have exciting summer and year-round opportunities in rural Haiti with volunteer work from construction, community development, work with youth, education about hygiene and sanitation, and much more! Visit our Volunteer Project List for specific project dates.

VFP works with community based organizations in several rural locations. Together with local leaders we decide on projects of benefit to the entire community. All our projects focus around clean water and hygiene, education, and sustainable gardening. In all locations our goal is to support the local community as well as young Haitians by sharing the value of volunteering and collaborative work.