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UBELONG offers 2-5 weeks volunteering opportunities in Rabat across many different fields: women's empowerment, NGO support, education, and caregiving.

  • Affordable: Without compromising quality, the world's most affordable international volunteering opportunities.
  • Flexibility: Pick from 100+ projects across Africa, Asia and South America. Volunteer 1 week to 6 months. Start any week.
  • Support: Work one-on-one with a UBELONG Mentor throughout your volunteer experience.
  • Comfort: Housing and meals included, as well as 24/7 field support.
  • Network: UBELONG is based in Washington, DC, the capital of international volunteering.
  • Impact: UBELONG is a social venture led by international volunteers and university professors driven to make a real impact on local communities.
  • Trust: Every year, thousands of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and from throughout the world, become UBELONG volunteers.
Simply, UBELONG is the world's premier short-term international volunteering program.

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  • MoroccoRabat
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1-2 weeks
2-4 weeks
1-3 months
3-6 months
$500 - $2,000 (USD)
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Without compromising safety or impact, UBELONG offers the world's most affordable 1-week to 6-month international volunteering opportunities.

Fees vary by location and placement duration. They start from US$150 for one week. Fees include:

-Airport pick-up

-Housing and meals

-24/7 in-country support

-Continual one-on-one mentorship from a UBELONG Mentor (including written materials and a phone/Skype Briefing Meeting)

-Peace of mind from joining the leading short-term international volunteering program, which is based in Washington, DC

-Networking opportunities through the powerful UBELONG community

*The UBELONG Campus Leaders program offers scholarships to university students. Contact us for more information.

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Program Reviews (18)

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  • Mary Larson
    Age: 19-24
    Madison, Wisconsin
    University of Wisconsin
    Volunteer with UBELONG

    UBELONG has an outstanding ability to connect volunteers with local populations and encourage cultural understanding between people of different backgrounds. I have returned from both of my volunteer experiences with a greater understanding and appreciation for different cultures, religions, and lifestyles. By living and working with locals, UBELONG volunteers experience life in another country much more deeply than would be possible for a tourist.

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  • Deena
    Age: 25-30
    Philadelphia, PA
    Villanova University
    Teaching in Morocco

    Volunteering with UBELONG was a great experience for me. From the very beginning, I was comfortable in my stay. My host family was wonderful, and the UBELONG partner association in Morocco was extremely helpful and attentive. Most importantly, I felt like I made a difference in my teaching project, and the students were so appreciative of the work being done. I really felt like I was making an impact, and everyone made me feel very welcome throughout my three and a half month stay. If given the opportunity, I would love to do another UBELONG volunteer trip soon.

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  • Joseph R:
    Age: 19-24
    An awakening experience

    I am a university student volunteering in Morocco and having a great time. This has been an eye opening experience I will cherish forever. I have found my English students to be very receptive to me, much more than I imagined, and I have been pleasantly surprised by my ability to fit in with my host family. I was very nervous about it, especially not speaking French or Arabic, but have found people will communicate with each other even without language. Rabat is a wonderful town, and I am glad to be here rather than another hectic place like Fez where I dont think foreigners are received as well. I am happy with my decision to volunteer and would recommend it:

    How could this program be improved?

    Rabat gets cold during the winter and I had to buy clothing when I arrived. The first days teaching were also very daunting but I ended up feeling much better after a week.

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  • Amy Sanders
    Age: 19-24
    Devon, England
    UBelong Rabat Morocco

    The experience was just so eye opening! I never thought it would be so amazing as it was. There were times where I thought what have I done such as when I got water poisoning, but it made me appreciate things even more. It also showed the care and appreciation the local charity had for our time we spent with them.

    How could this program be improved?

    More details of the school I would be teaching at so could prepare lesson plans.

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  • Savannah Peyton
    Age: 19-24
    Las Cruces, NM
    New Mexico State University
    Savannah Peyton

    Overall, my experience with UBELONG and their local team was phenomenal. Working with the children at the school in Sale was a real eye opener. Whether it was riding the 6 passenger taxis to work or teaching in a 2 room schoolhouse, I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Each day we would walk to the taxi station right outside the Medina walls, in order to take the short ride into the neighboring city, Sale. Teaching at the school had its challenges. Limited resources made it difficult at first to teach. Also, I can imagine the language barrier would have been another obstacle for me to overcome if I had not traveled with a friend that spoke the language fluently. I honestly believe that by being able to convey the lessons in both English and Arabic, the students were able to gain a better grasp on the topics. On the other hand, I saw numerous volunteers get along perfectly fine without being able to speak Arabic.
    The children were unbelievably welcoming. Even though I couldn't understand what they were saying, we still somehow developed an indescribable relationship. The return trip home from work was always particularly exciting to me because from that moment onward the rest of the day was mine to plan. Whether it was sitting at home and visiting with the host families, walking to the beach, or just strolling around the Medina and buying way to many souvenirs. Looking back on my experience I am overwhelmed with an abundance of emotions and life lasting memories.

    How could this program be improved?

    It really is difficult for me to think of a negative experience I had related to the program. I suppose an obstacle that we had to overcome would be the lack of teaching resources. On the other hand, I feel that this issue could have been avoided if we would have come more prepared with things such as lessons and materials. So really this issue cannot be blamed on the particular program.

    Visiting the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco.
    Famous blue houses inside the Kasbah des Oudaias.
    Getting henna with another volunteer.
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  • Katherine
    Age: 19-24
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    University of Michigan
    An Amazing Learning Experience in Morocco

    UBELONG is the best international volunteer organization I have looked into. Their programs are affordable and very well organized. UBELONG partners with a great placement organization in Morocco who provided me with a wonderful host family and project. I learned so much during the six weeks I was living and working in Rabat; it is truly an experience I will never forget.

    How could this program be improved?

    When I had to go to the hospital, I had to go alone because nobody at my placement organization could get out of their other obligations to go with me. I feel like there should be someone available to help volunteers in case of emergencies like this. I did not speak French or Arabic fluently so it was difficult at times to communicate with the doctor. It would have been helpful to have someone there who knew the country and the languages spoken.

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  • Alyssa T
    Age: 19-24
    United States
    University of Michigan
    Unforgettable experience

    I had a really great experience being a UBELONG volunteer. From the very beginning the UBELONG staff was very helpful. They quickly answered any questions I had and made sure I was all prepared to go abroad. I really like how UBELONG partnered with a local team, it shows that UBELONG is interested in maintaining a long term presence in Morocco. My favorite part of my UBELONG experience was living with a host family. I was able to learn a lot about the daily lives of Moroccans in a way that would be impossible if I was just staying in a Hotel. My time spent volunteering with UBELONG was unforgettable. Not only was I able to help with something that I am passionate about, but I also felt myself grow as a person.

    How could this program be improved?

    I would recommend having the volunteers learn about their placement before they arrive in the country if at all possible.

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  • Meagan
    Age: 19-24
    Paris, France
    UBELONG has GREAT people!

    Knowing that I would be taking a team of volunteers who have had little cross cultural experience, I knew that I had to search carefully for an opportunity that would provide a healthy perspective on giving abroad. I wanted the team to ask themselves questions about who the giver/receiver really was, and what kind of helpful/harmful impact they were initiating by seeking the experience of a short term volunteering project. This is why I decided to work with UBELONG. After reading about their values and the way that they choose projects, I felt like I could be confident that we were on the same mission. I liked working with UBELONG from the beginning, because I could trust that their long term presence in Morocco had them well educated on how to fill needs with sustainable systems that are fully integrated by an for the local community. Their accessibility and genuine interest in our goals helped to incubate my trust in them as we prepared for the trip, and then the trip proved to be everything that I had hoped for! I can't wait to work with them again.

    How could this program be improved?

    Communication regarding the details of the project at hand was very last minute. Providing a more clear idea of the tasks at hand is an area for improvement.

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  • Katrina Q
    Age: 19-24
    Ann Arbor, MI
    University of Michigan
    Warning: You may not want to leave!

    I originally had NO idea what UBELONG was until i applied through my university for an international internship. While reading reviews such as these, I was looking for the answer to one question: Would UBLEONG give me a beneficial experience that would last longer than my six week placement?

    I had been out of school for 3 years and was still working 55 hours a week as I returned to school part time. I knew that I wanted to travel, return to school full-time, make personal growth, and use my abilities to make a positive impact. Basically, this summer needed to be a launching pad to bridge my academic, personal, and professional experiences and goals. Yes, those were a LOT of expectations!

    My experience working with UBELONG and the local team surpassed my expectations. Not only was I able to use my English proficiency to teach smiling and eager faces every day, their proficiency in life gave me an experience and education of a lifetime. I had always been apprehensive of volunteer programs having a negative impact by portraying western countries as "saviors," but in my experience this is not the case with UBELONG. By stressing the importance of cultural respect, volunteers arrive with an eagerness to exchange experiences, ideas, and information.

    Personal Surprises/Developments:
    * I have been completely moved by the beautiful people, culture, and landscape of Morocco.
    * I love teaching! Maybe my childhood goal of being a teacher was on the right track!
    * I must admit that I thought my low proficiency in Arabic would have helped me a bit more than it did, but I survived!
    * The likelihood of me living in Morocco for an extended period of time in my life is extremely high, in which I'll need to learn more Moroccan Arabic!


    How could this program be improved?

    It would have been nice to learn about my host family prior to arrival! They're AMAZING!

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  • Kendall Dienno
    Age: 19-24
    United States
    Miami University
    UBELONG: Teaching English in Morocco

    When I applied, I hadn't been planning to teach English in Rabat, Morocco for three months but I wasn't ready to return to my studies in the US and was looking to do something worthwhile. A shot in the dark Google search led me to UBELONG's website and my impulsive pipedream became a concrete, feasible and, more importantly, affordable option. Teaching English in Sale, Rabat's sister-city, was a challenging and rewarding experience that I will continue to reflect on for years to come. My students surprised me on a daily basis with their hunger for information, compassion, and quick-wit! I was the teacher, but they helped me learn so much.

    None of that would have been financially or logistically possible without UBELONG. I cannot recommend this organization enough, both for newbies as well as seasoned volunteers. When I first stumbled upon their website, I found UBELONG to be professional, passionate, and approachable-- three qualities that were upheld at every step before, during, and after my placement

    How could this program be improved?

    I would love to have more ways for volunteers to connect with each other, during and after volunteering. The UBELONG facebook page is updated quite frequently with info about what current volunteers are doing, but it would be great if there was a way for active volunteers, especially across locations, to share experiences, concerns, etc. It would also be nice if the same could be offered to past volunteers-- volunteering is such a unique experience and returning to day-to-day life can be kind of jarring.

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  • Devon walker
    Age: 19-24
    Pepperdine University
    Ubelong morocco

    Home stay was wonderful. Never felt unsafe for a moment. Excellent prep beforehand. Well selected volunteer opportunities. Just the right amount of support, no hand holding, no feeling lost or unsupported.

    How could this program be improved?

    More stretching group volunteer session.

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  • Jess
    Age: 19-24
    Las Cruces, New Mexico
    New Mexico State University

    UBELONG is an amazing program and I'm so glad I was introduced to them when I decided I wanted to volunteer abroad. Since it was my first time leaving the United States, and I was going alone, I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare. UBELONG helped me every step of the way. I felt so comfortable and confident. Towards the end of my trip I got really sick and everyone in the field, and outside of the field, was on my side trying to figure out what was wrong and how to get me better. They really care about you and that's something that makes the experience priceless. UBELONG gave me the experience of a lifetime.

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  • Alette Gilje
    Age: 18 or younger
    Washington D.C.
    George Washington University

    The search was over as soon as I stumbled upon UBELONG. In such a globalized world, the number of programs that take one abroad are numerous and expensive. Most of those projects don't come close to the amount of independence UBELONG allows you. UBELONG is for the maker, the kid who can land in Ghana, or Laos and immediately work for the adventure rather than expect it to come, much like tourists do now a days. Their projects, in spirit, are adventures and their values, in nature and application, are altruistic. When you decide to volunteer abroad you, in turn, decide to give yourself over to a program, a project, and a country. The word program is too strict for what UBELONG really is for in truth it is more of a step or spring board into action. UBELONG accepts that those who find it, in nature and spirit, are the doers of this world. We come here, and sign up here, in order to make a better world. With the guidance of our mentors and community we succeed, in an innovative fashion, that allowed us to throw our own individuality into the world as we pour our selves into the projects across the globe. The UBELONG community is the most open, accomplished, and effective community I know, second only to the Avengers. I truly encourage anyone and everyone to find and sign up for their project today.

    How could this program be improved?

    Include airfare in the overall price.

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  • Maxschaeffer284
    Age: 19-24
    Madison, WI
    University of Wisconsin
    UBELONG in Morocco was Fantastic

    I never thought I would get the chance to volunteer abroad, but when I stumbled upon UBELONG, I realized I had found a gold mine. My experience in Rabat was incredible. The staff in Morocco was supportive, and UBELONG as a whole is a very professional organization, not to mention much cheaper than any other option.

    My experience in Morocco was unforgettable, whether it was time spent learning about and from my host family, exploring the neighborhoods, or working with my students. The education project in Rabat was great, and the students were very eager to learn. I've learned a lot about the Moroccan people, and the project has left me with a much different perspective. I can't wait to volunteer with UBELONG again; it was one of the best experiences of my life!

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  • RyaninMorocco
    Age: 25-30
    Glassboro, NJ
    Rowan University
    Volunteering in Rabat, Morocco

    Choosing to volunteer with UBELONG was a very easy decision to make. Not only do they offer a very affordable program, they offer a program that focuses on international development. That was very important to me because I wanted to go as a volunteer and not as a tourist. Cedric and Raul are very passionate about what they do. This is show through the support provided from my first inquiry about the program, to the last day of volunteering, and beyond. My mentor, Cedric, was always willing to answer any questions I might have and kept in touch to make sure I was doing well at my placement while in Rabat, Morocco. UBELONG offers a variety of different programs in a number of countries. There is truly something for everyone. I highly recommend UBELONG as a first choice for anyone interest in volunteering abroad.

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Alumni Interviews

  • Why did you decide to volunteer with UBELONG in Morroco?

    Visiting the famous northern blue city, Chefchaouen, in Morroco
    Visiting the famous northern blue city, Chefchaouen, in Morroco

    Zainab: Most people volunteer overseas to gain experience living and becoming familiar with another culture. However, this goal is seldom realized for short-term volunteer programs because the volunteers are housed together in one location and they live day in and day out with other non-nationals such as themselves. The reason UBELONG outshines is because they promise a unique experience to the volunteers, who get a better and a well-rounded experience by living with a host family. This allows for active involvement in a foreign culture and aids in expeditiously breaking language barriers. None of the volunteers are placed together to live, which makes for a challenging, yet a more rewarding experience. With UBELONG, volunteers pay about 50%-75% less than competitor organizations. Their level of expertise and availability to help, listen, and guide is phenomenal. No doubt, UBELONG's programs are unparalleled!

    I knew I wanted to go to Morocco well before I decided on UBELONG. I was interested in becoming more familiar with the Arab culture. I felt that this part of the world is often overlooked when it comes to international volunteer and community/economic development programs. Women and girls are underrepresented in most parts of the world, especially in developing countries, so I wanted to get a first-hand perspective on the level of gender equality in Northern Africa and the Arab world. I also knew a couple of people who had studied abroad in Morocco and their ravishing stories about the country never seem to end. Morocco also has such a wonderful, rich culture and has a history that is often overlooked or is unknown in most parts of the world. The mix of cultures, races, religions and ethnicities over centuries has made current-day Morocco the true singular melting pot in Northern Africa.

    Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

    Zainab: While living in the old medina, you must get used to waking up to the crowing of the rooster at the crack of dawn, alongside the muezzin who announced the call to prayer each morning. Volunteers would usually set up a meeting spot within the medina, and we would walk about half a mile to the taxi station to catch a taxi from Rabat to Sale. Once in Sale (Rabat's twin city), a few students from the NGO would greet us at the taxi station and accompany us for another half of a mile until we reached the school. One can quickly grasp the stark distinction between Sale and Rabat, and why Sale longs for extensive community development initiatives as compared to Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

    Volunteer with students in front of classroom
    Zainab with her students outside the classroom

    Classes would begin shortly and the students (who were already familiar with the room they have to go report to) were eager to learn. We had the classes divided by level of knowledge of English, and the volunteers spent about 6-7 hours a day teaching. Lunch is the most important meal in Morocco, and it is the time when business and offices and schools close for 2-3 hours and everyone heads home to enjoy a large meal with their families. Even though we had the option of going back to our host families, the volunteers decided to stay and explore Sale instead. We would grab lunch from a small cafe and then spend a couple of hours touring the city, snoozing for a while at the school, or simply catching up on e-mails with loved ones back home. When the students returned after their lunch break, we would then spend the next 3 hours continuing the class where we had left off earlier.

    "Bye teacher Zainab," and "maasalaama," and "thank you," followed by hugs from the younger students would be how I concluded my work days. The same few students who greeted us in the morning would then walk us back to the taxi station, and we would battle another half hour of rush hour traffic heading towards Rabat. The next few hours in the nation's capital would be ours to have, and while the first couple of days I spent settling in with my host family, the later few were spent exploring the city and especially the almost-magical old medina within which we resided. Each day was a different experience, unique in its own way.

    Moroccans are known to eat dinner later too (and by that, I mean 9-10pm!) and so by the time I would return home, my host mom would be preparing dinner and I would watch her cook, try to make mental notes of recipe's, watch some soccer with my host dad and brother, and play with the kids for a while until dinner was ready. After finishing dinner, we would immediately change into our pajamas and get ready to sleep. I would be bombarded with goodnight hugs and kisses from my 6-year-old host sister who is arguably the cutest little kid in existence.

    Having only 3 weekends in Morocco, I dedicated my first weekend to familiarizing myself with my host family. The next two weekends were spent traveling and sightseeing around the country with students, other volunteers, and study abroad students we met in the medina.

    What made this experience unique and special?

    Traditional Moroccan wedding with a student's family in Ouzanne
    Traditional Moroccan wedding with a student's family in Ouzanne

    Zainab: Since each volunteer is individually assigned to a host family, he or she is on their own. But that's the fun of it! Typically, the host family members have very little knowledge of English so it's amazing how much more you can learn in such a short amount of time when you are spending your whole day with locals. Although I am awfully far from being fluent, I learned more Arabic in those meager few weeks than I would have ever learned if I was not living with a host family and just working/studying in the region.

    I wanted to learn as much as I could teach and I was very fortunate to have a classroom all to myself with a large group of students, many of whom I have become good friends with and write to on a regular basis!

    How has this experience impacted your future?

    Volunteers visting Moroccan village and mountains
    Zainab visting the Moroccan village and mountains

    Zainab: Of all the ways this experience has changed me, I think most importantly is the one where I now doubt my short-term professional plans. An aspiring auditor with goals of becoming a CPA and attending graduate school in the upcoming years to attain an MBA, I now see myself doing nothing but working in international affairs, public policy and global development. As long as I can remember, I've had a long-lived dream of building a school(s) for girls in a remote area of my country of origin, but that was a dream for my latter years in life. I feel myself being constantly being pulled to the development sector, almost as if I've found my calling - to help others, promote peace and equality, and change lives.

    I've done international travel before for academia, but nothing compares to my experience in Morocco. It has humbled me deeply, changed my direction in life, and has inspired me in ways I never thought it would. It has made me have renewed hope for humanity, and helped me realize there is nothing in life that is more important than your loved ones. Money doesn't buy happiness, and neither does power. What does promise eternal happiness is having love, respect and care of others. Life is so simple and the best way I can illustrate simplicity and happiness is from a fond memory I have that I want to share:

    My host family and I would often eat dinner on the terrace of the house. One night, my host dad whipped out a harmonica and the sight of it, the kids screamed with joy while my host mom starting blushing. Confused, I inquired of my host mom, and she explained that her husband courted her 12 years ago with this same harmonica! He even played her favorite song on it at their engagement and wedding! I vividly recall my host dad playing Arabic and French songs on the instrument for about half an hour, the first half of which we spent singing along and laughing and clapping. The other half we spent sobering up and just dazing into the sky, amazed by the beauty of the full moon, the bright twinkling stars, and the cool summer breeze. I noticed the family had huddled together and they were hugging and kissing one another, the love was apparent, and it was strong. I understood in that instance that this is true happiness... My eyes met my host mom's for a split second, and I realized we both had tears of joy in our eyes....

    I encourage YOU to step outside of your comfort zone, diminish your personal bubble, learn to take risks and travel to a 3rd world country to do volunteer work. Yes, it is a bit intimidating, but the moment you step out of your shell, you will quickly learn that there is a world out there just for you, waiting to be discovered.

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UBELONG is the most affordable, professional and supportive international volunteering organization in the world.

Volunteer abroad in Africa, Asia and Latin America from 1 week to 6 months.

WHAT can you do?

For one week to six months, live in a community and volunteer on a community or environmental project.

WHERE can you go?
Asia: India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos
Latin America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru
Africa: Ghana, Morocco

WHEN can you go?
Projects run year-round and you can join from one week to six months.

HOW much do you pay?
Costs start as low as US$350 for a 1 week placement.

Among other world-class services, you work 1 on 1 with a UBELONG Mentor and receive a Preparation Booklet, in-country orientation, housing, meals, project supervision and 24/7 support.