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1 to 24 weeks

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Short Term Spring Break Summer Winter Year Round
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The costs include:
- Airport Pickup from Rabat
- Pre Departure information
- 3 Meals a day
- Accommodation with a host family
- Placement of project
- 24 Hour support from staff
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Accommodation Some Activities Airport Transfers Meals Wifi
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Airfare Visa
Nov 24, 2023
Dec 09, 2019
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About Program

Volunteering Solutions offers affordable & meaning volunteering opportunities in Morocco, that are available throughout the year. All the projects are placed in and around the capital city of Rabat. It'll be an incredible journey, volunteering for the underprivileged societies while exploring the Medinas of Morocco. You'll get to experience a mix of Arabic, African and Berber culture. Our in-country coordinators will be available 24/7, to provide you assistance whenever you need. You will also get a chance to learn Arabic or French, by joining the one-to-one language classes. It will be immensely helpful for those who are seeking some international work exposure and contribute something towards the society!

Some of the programs available in Morocco are:

Childcare Volunteering
Teaching English Program
Women Empowerment Program
Human Rights & NGO Support Program

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Program Highlights

  • Choose to be a part of a meaningful project for 1 week minimum to 24 weeks maximum.
  • Learn more about the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the Moroccans while living with a host family.
  • Explore the famous touristy places, as well as the hidden gems of Rabat.
  • Meet some like-minded travelers from different parts of the world and polish your skills.
  • Get a Certificate of Completion and boost your career through your experiences.

Popular Programs

Childcare volunteer in Morocco

Volunteering Solutions provides placements to volunteers who are looking to work for children in childcare centers, NGOs that help street children and run kindergartens for disadvantaged children in Rabat. There are a huge number of children living in poverty and are often deprived of education and good life. As a volunteer in the childcare program in Morocco, you would get to work with children ranging from toddlers to young adults around 16 years old.

Volunteer English Teaching in Morocco

Volunteers joining the Teaching English Program in Morocco are placed in the community, NGO or public schools, which do not have the manpower or resources to provide good English or French teachers to the students. You do NOT need to know Arabic to join this program.

NGO Support Volunteer in Morocco

Under the NGO Support Volunteer Program, participants are placed with local NGO's working towards the upliftment of the society and the downtrodden in Rabat. NGO's focus on many areas of work including human rights, child issues, women rights, education, skilled learning, strengthening the government accountability etc.

Program Reviews

4.95 Rating
based on 22 reviews
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  • Impact 4.9
  • Support 4.8
  • Fun 4.65
  • Value 4.85
  • Safety 4.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life-changing experience!

The best volunteering experience I ever had. The house was amazing! 5🌟
The staff super helpful and friendly!
So recommendable if you want to live the whole #MorrocanExperience that for sure is going to change your life!
The first day that I arrived I was a bit confused because of the Medina. But when I got into the house, they received me with a good Morrocan tea, and a nice talk with all of the other volunteers.

After that week I was way more comfortable and I knew how the city worked. On my 3rd week I started a project, and the Coordinator Ali, helped me a lot in this process! He helped me to find a place, helped me with the people. And at the end of the day, we had such a success.
It is an amazing experience, they have a lot of programs where you can work, from journalism to child care, so that’s amazing. Because they give you the experience that you are looking for!
100% Recomendable!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Learn a little bit of French or Arabic before coming! It’s gonna be super helpful!
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Response from Volunteering Solutions

Hi Martin,
Thanks for leaving a wonderful review of your experience in Morocco with Volunteering Solutions. We are delighted to know that you had a fabulous time in Rabat and have given a 10/10 rating to the program on all points.

We look forward to your participation in more such programs with us in the future.

Team Volunteering Solutions

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Yes, I recommend this program


Had an amazing time working at the orphanage and meetin all the children. Ali and laila, were amazing in looking after us and always ensured we were safe and used our time in the best way. The programme helped me learn about different cultures and authentic morroco. Living in the accommodation has allowed me to make firends from all over the world and develop and connection. This experience has truly been a very heart touching experience and has opened my eyes to the many different ways of life and people

What would you improve about this program?
Have a more structured approach
Provide volunteers with more support in allowing them to organise further activities with the children
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience

It was an amazing experience working in the orphanage with special need children as well as interacting with the older youths. Leila and Ali were very helpful on suggesting things to do during our free time. On the weekend, I was able to visit places such as chefchaouen and Casablanca which topped it all off! I will definately reccomend my family and friends to volunteer with Volunteering Solution.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Memorable experience which i will never forget. Favourite part was being able to interact with the children carry out all the activities and games with them. Being able to use our past experiences and care for the special needs kids feeding them and playing with them also.
Being able to talk and work with the staff and being able to communicate the basics and learn the basic arabic moroccan language
As well as being able to take part in the throne party at the end

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Yes, I recommend this program

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

The journey begins when you start thinking about it

When I began planning my trip to Morocco with my family and friends, I received a lot of confusing reactions: “You are crazy, what can you find in this country? Go to safer places, morocco is very dangerous” and These stereotypes made more scared each day closer to the departure date. My trip was becoming a nightmare: Am I going to be alone? Is someone going to murder me? Will I need a head-scarf? Are they going to respect me? Am I going to be sick?

But when I arrived in Morocco, the stereotypes were absolutely shattered. I had the opportunity to meet a Morocco man with his son in the plane and my coordinators Ali and Jihane and I quickly learned my first lesson of this trip: Don’t trust opinions from others that never have been in touch with the country you are visiting, because prejudice is the son of ignorance and racism.
At any place of the world, there are good and bad people, and certainly Morocco is no exception. But people in general are very friendly and inviting. I also found it as safe as my country. Different? Yes. Worse? Not in the slightest.

You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist (Indira Ghandi).

Our coordinators demonstrated extreme professionalism. They were gracious in delivering advise, orientation, helping us in case of trouble, and keeping track of their and your responsibilities. They applied a very human touch with us, supporting us when morale was down, paying a lot of attention if everybody was fine in case we were not able to resolve issues, and truly enjoying our company.

I chose not to stay with an official family of the program, but people who were with Morocco families during the volunteering program were really satisfied with their experience with them. In my case, I was at the Riad (guest house) of MCAS and I strongly believe it was an amazing place to spend time with and meet incredible people from different parts of the world. I created some of my best memories from this place. Facilities and furnishings were in perfect condition. The Riad was spacious, light, new and peaceful. It was also a great opportunity to practice English and other international languages with other volunteers and improve your skills, particularly oral production and comprehension.

My only wish was that housing accommodations could be more fluid. When the large guest house (Riad) empties in slow travel periods, some of the magic of meeting new people or being with international friends is lost.

Apart from that, as a touristy person, Morocco was not the top of the list as much as London or Paris. But Morocco is the most beautiful country on the list. The best sights including the Sahara Desert, Chefchaouen village, Marrakech, Fez, Hassan II Tower. There are a lot of stunning and secret places to discover. They take a lot care when it comes to tourism and you feel like a royalty.

Finally, I strongly believe it has been enriching discover Islam religion. I had never imagined a religion as peaceful as this one. It is very respectful when it comes to be relations between people and also very tolerant with other cultures and religions. Now, I comprehend why this religion is the second most practised in the world.

To conclude, Morocco is an amazing country where all its treasures could be perfectly discovered if you have a very open mind, a wild and independent soul, and high capacity to adapt yourself and enjoy different ways to live. If your personality fixes with these characteristics, Morocco is going to be the best experience of your life.

What would you improve about this program?
Everything is included before.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Childcare program - Rabat

Since the first day I arrived, I felt as if they really care for me. I got picked up by Ali at the airport, though I was supposed to arrive another day. He instantly brought me under in a host family in the medina which I really appreciated. My work journey at the orphanage was like a huge step towards my personal development. It made me realize how thankful some people are when they have nothing to lose. I don't have to talk about safety... redundant topic for me; I felt really safe at all hours, I guess you just have to open up to the locals. Thanks Volunteering Solutions for this experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing experience and life in Morocco!

I really enjoyed the volunteering program at a nursery school in Rabat. Even there was a language barrier, children usually do not care about it and just try to talk to me. I wish I could speak Arabic or French, but we could have wonderful time of singing songs and playing games. I brought Origami paper which was good stuff to play with kids. I think they liked it! That was a small nursery school with wide range of children from 0 to 5 or 6 year-old. So I could have great time with pretty baby and powerful kids. Teachers there also cannot speak English, but they were so kind and nice to me. I really appreciate about it.
Life in Morocco was so amazing and exciting. I stayed at Volunteer staff house which is located in Medina. Then I could feel the real life of Moroccan style. There are so many shops in Medina, so I never got bored. I also visited Casablanca on holiday. I visited the famous mosque where I could see the inside. I could feel the slightly different city from Rabat. Ali, a coordinator in Rabat, was so nice and friendly. He always supported and cared about our life and volunteering program. There is another staff at accommodation, and she was also so kind. They introduced the place to visit or eat, and helped to adjust the Moroccan life. I was really impressed the cultural mixture of Islam and French.
Above all, I have spent there only for 1 week but it was precious experience. the volunteering program and life there were unforgettable to me.

What would you improve about this program?
Teachers and children can speak only Arabic and French, so making it difficult to communicate with them. It might be better we have the basic language skills (just greeting or numbers) in Arabic or French.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great program, great location

The Morocco program was a very worthwhile experience as this country is an amalgamation of French, Arabic and African culture and heritage with plenty to offer. The program coordinator was able to provide a placement that suited my interests, take feedback well and made an effort to improve the experience at the volunteer placement. A good deal of support was provided in terms of living arrangements, organising self-guided tours and the overall friendliness of the host and local coordinator made for a smooth experience. Morocco itself has plenty to see and do so at no point was I bored or short of new places to visit.

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