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    Germany, a nation right in the center of Europe and bordering nine European nations, can arguably claim to be the most "European" of all countries in the continent. With beautiful mountains, vast valleys, and deep forests, the nation is truly beautiful. Even though it is a developed nation, there is still a need for volunteers.

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    Teach English

    Although Germany has a pretty good education system for most subjects, English isn't one of them. There is a definite need for native English speakers to teach English in the nation. It is important for these children to learn English well as they need it in the future for their careers. As a volunteer, you will teach English to children in a school.

    Work with Children

    In Germany's smaller cities and towns, there are many opportunities for volunteers to work with children. It is recommended that you have some prior experience working with children or just enjoy spending time with children. As a volunteer, you will take care of children, plan and organize activities for them, and teach them about your country and its culture.

  • Planning Your Trip
    Best Places To Volunteer

    Berlin: It is the capital city and most populous city in Germany; its economy is dominated by the service sector and there are many opportunities to teach English.

    Frankfurt: is a major German city in the state of Hesse and the financial and transportation center of Germany.

    How to Save Money While Volunteering

    Germany is a very popular nation for tourists, and since it uses the Euro, it can be quite pricey. To save money, avoid tourist hotspots and instead visit shops and restaurants frequented by locals. Germany has an excellent public transportation system, among the best in the world, and make sure you take advantage of the metros in the larger cities to save money getting around.

    Health and Safety of Volunteers in Germany

    As a volunteer, you aren't required to get any vaccinations for your trip to Germany. However, if you visit between November to April, you should get an Influenza shot. Germany is in fact an extremely safe nation for tourists to visit and there is really no need to worry about crime.

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