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Breakfast, the accommodation, Arabic or German classes, as well as some visits to different landmarks and sites. Some examples include the Arab neighborhood, refugee dorms and public parks as well as historical sites in the city.
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Accommodation Some Activities Some Meals Wifi
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Jan 29, 2024
Oct 25, 2023
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About Program

The Teach English in Germany Program provides internationals the opportunity to live in the city of Halle/Saale, Germany, while studying Arabic or German, and, at the same time, interning with the Excellence Center in Europe.

International interns play a crucial role in achieving the Excellence Center’s mission of providing the Halle community, which includes refugees, the language skills necessary to gain English proficiency. At the same time, the Excellence Center’s hosting people from abroad helps us to maintain a diverse cultural dialogue and language exchange in Halle, Germany.

Many community members in Halle, Germany, including refugees, immigrants, local Germans, and students, are very eager to meet new people in order to learn conversational English, as well as familiarizing themselves with foreign cultures. The Excellence Center’s staff is here to support you and offer a helping hand when necessary and assist you in planning English classes, as well as giving you tips.

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Ethical Impact

With all our Arabic courses and volunteer programs, we aim to make a long term difference for the Palestinian local community through the exchange of ideas and “walking in each other’s shoes”. Our programs and courses foster shared learning, for both our community and you. During your Arabic course, you will get to learn so much more than just the language. You will also get to learn a lot about Palestinian culture and customs and the political situation in Palestine. Additionally, you will have many opportunities while outside the classroom to practice your Arabic in a natural and authentic way while navigating your new life in Hebron. Your time with us in Hebron will also provide you with many opportunities of cultural exchange and mutual learning, both with local Palestinians as well as with our other international participants.

Program Highlights

  • Gain volunteer teaching experience, as well as experience organizing educational activities aimed at enhancing our students’ English skills.
  • Meeting people from different countries and backgrounds, such as locals and people from Germany, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali, and many other countries.
  • The program will give you the opportunity to be in Germany, the European country that has hosted the highest number of Arab refugees in recent years. Most of these refugees have come from Syria and during your time at the Excellence Center you will be abl
  • Have the chance to attend cultural evenings and several entertainment activities organized by the Center.
  • The program provides you with a chance to visit local sites in Halle city and get to know the rich history of the city.

Popular Programs


Internship in Germany Program: For those looking for internships in Europe, looking to volunteer with refugees in Germany, gain experience in community development, and make a difference, all while immersing themselves in Arabic/German culture, the Excellence Center in Halle (Saale), Germany is the place for you! The Excellence Center (EC) operates as a language school and community center for refugees and migrants predominantly of Arab backgrounds, but also those displaced in Africa and Europe.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience at the Excellence Center

I really did enjoyed my time at the Excellence Center. I've decided to break up my review into different aspects of the program

Pre-departure: As someone who had never heard of this program at the beginning of the year, I was skeptical of going all the way to Germany for something I thought could potentially not be legitimate. I'm happy to report I did not need to be worried, I located the excellence center very easily (just use google maps and look for a language school sign) and Rafat and staff were friendly and accommodating from the beginning.

Staff: The Full-Time staff was definitely one of the pros of the Excellence Center. They all went out of their way to make me and the other volunteers feel welcomed. Rafat, Radwan, Ali and Muaz were all incredible people I hope you get the chance to meet someday.
Language Instruction: If you pick the program for it you have the opportunity to learn German or Arabic with Muaz. Muaz is a great teacher. In the past I have had really bad foreign language teachers wether they're rude, condescending, or unqualified to teach. Muaz is none of those things. With Muaz I learned German for six weeks and because he fostered a learning environment that was judgement-free and because of this I learned as much German as possible at a very fast rate.

Students: How much students you get really depends up to how much Rafat wants to give you. I only had two students, but I was perfectly fine with this amount. I really liked my students because it was obvious to me that both of them were always ready to learn English and I hope at least helped them reach their English goals!

Housing: The reason it takes a long time to figure out what your housing situation is going to look like is because often times volunteers will sign up at the last minute which will throw things off or they have to look for apartments in Halle if their is a large amount of volunteers doing the program. For me this wasn't issue but if you're wondering why you may not know yet those are potential reasons for why. For my housing I stayed at an apartment dormitory. The apartment its self was nice but I felt like it could have been cleaner upon arrival.

Halle: Halle is a nice town. Halle from a logistical standpoint has everything you need from restaurants, venues, grocery stores, parks, you name it, Halle has it. However, I attempted to learn German before I came here but had to stop due to unforeseen circumstances, but when I got here everything I learned in German seemed to slip out the window as the Germans in Halle I ran into (especially the older ones) did not know English very well and often times if they did, they really were resistant on speaking English to you. In total, this a problem related specifically to me but something you should be aware of is English in Halle is not as widespread as it is in other big cities such as Berlin.
Social Scene; The social scene at the Excellence Center is nice because even though it was quiet during the time I went, the other volunteers or Ali were always down to do something lol.

Flexible Schedules: Working for the Excellence Center was awesome because Rafat will let you work when you want to, which was really nice for me because on the weekdays I wanted to study for the LSAT and on the weekends+ Fridays because we got them off I was able to travel.
Travel: This was one of my favorite parts about living in Germany is that it was accessible to every else especially in Halle. during my 6 weeks there I went to the following countries: Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, and Sweden. Since I got Fridays off, it was very easy to travel to these places for weekend trips. If you want to do this I would recommend getting a Eurail pass as it is a cheap way to travel across Europe and all you have to do is go to the main train station in Halle and then you can go wherever your heart desires.
In conclusion, this is a really good set-up and to be honest I wish I heard about this earlier. This was truly a life-changing experience that I will never forget. I would really recommend this program to anyone looking to do be in a international setting, to make a big impact on peoples lives, and to see the rest Europe!

  • Supportive Staff
  • Flexible Schedules and Easy to travel around Europe from Halle
  • Working with the students
  • Housing could have been cleaner
  • English is not as widespread in Halle
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Response from The Excellence Center

Hi Noah,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your detailed and thoughtful review of your experience at the Excellence Center in Germany. We appreciate the thorough breakdown of different aspects of the program, and we're delighted to hear about your positive encounters.

We're thrilled to hear that Muaz made your language learning experience enjoyable and effective. Providing a judgment-free learning environment is crucial, and we're pleased that Muaz's teaching style resonated with you, helping you grasp German at an impressive pace.

Your perspective on Halle is enlightening, shedding light on the language challenges some may face. It's great that you found the social scene at the Excellence Center enjoyable, making your time there even more memorable.

We're honored to have been a part of your life-changing experience, and we truly appreciate your recommendation. If you ever decide to embark on another adventure or join us again, know that you're always welcome.

Noah, wishing you continued success and exciting journeys ahead!

Best regards from Halle!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Summer Internship

Rating: 9/10

I had the privilege of participating in "The Excellence Center in Europe" language learning program in Halle (Saale), Germany, during my summer break, and it turned out to be an incredibly enriching experience. The program provided a unique opportunity to teach English to refugees while immersing myself in the German language and culture.

One of the most rewarding and heartwarming aspects of the program was witnessing their progress and seeing how language learning empowered them to communicate effectively and confidently in their new environment. Engaging with my students, most of whom came from the Ukraine, allowed me to learn about their culture, creating meaningful connections that enriched the entire experience.I also had the chance to practice my German with the wonderful German teachers at the center. The mutual exchange of language fostered a supportive and inclusive environment, promoting understanding between different cultures. Additionally, the cultural immersion experiences provided by the Excellence Center made the entire program more profound and memorable. Regular interactions with native speakers outside the center also accelerated my language learning journey, helping me communicate more confidently and effectively with my students and the local community.

Through teaching English, I honed my adaptability and creativity in the classroom. Developing effective teaching methods to cater to diverse language levels and learning styles among my students was a fulfilling challenge. The program also encouraged community engagement, as I collaborated with fellow educators, volunteers, and local organizations to support refugees in Halle.

The relationships formed during the program extended beyond the classroom. The bonds with my students, fellow teachers, and community members became cherished connections that I will carry with me. The experience nurtured personal growth, enhancing my communication, leadership, and intercultural competencies, which are invaluable skills for the future. As the program concluded, I couldn't help but reflect on the positive impact it had on both my students’ lives and mine. The memories and experiences shared during "The Excellence Center in Europe" program in Halle (Saale), Germany, have left a lasting legacy, shaping my worldview and instilling a sense of responsibility to contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected world.

"The Excellence Center in Europe" language learning program in Halle (Saale), Germany, was a transformative experience that combined language learning with meaningful engagement in the local community. Teaching English to refugees while learning German provided an exceptional opportunity for personal growth, cultural exchange, and leaving a positive impact on the lives of others. I am immensely grateful for this unforgettable experience and highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a deeply enriching and rewarding language learning journey.

Pros of the program:

Studying and teaching at the same time

Meet new, AWESOME people

Cons of the program:

  • Kindness of staff
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Location
  • Organization of center
  • Communication (particularly before the program start date)
  • Language class lacked as much individual attention as was expected
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Response from The Excellence Center

Hi Niko,

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt and enthusiastic review of "The Excellence Center in Europe." It's wonderful to hear about the transformative experience you had during your summer break and how the program provided you with such a unique and enriching opportunity.

We are thrilled to know that "The Excellence Center in Europe" program left a lasting impact on your worldview and instilled in you a sense of responsibility to contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected world.

Your recommendation of this program to others seeking a deeply enriching and rewarding language learning journey is greatly appreciated. Your review serves as a testament to the program's excellence and its potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of participants and the communities they engage with.

Once again, thank you for sharing your experience, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Warm regards,
Excellence Center in Europe

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Yes, I recommend this program

Two weeks of teaching and studying

I spent two weeks teaching German and studying Arabic at the Excellence Center. (I would have taught English as well, but there were enough other volunteers at the time.) Everyone at the centre is really nice and friendly. Even though there was a significant age gap between the other short-term volunteers/students (all of them 19 or 20 years old) and me, everybody was happy to chat about this and that. Also Salma, Nargis and Ali, who work at the centre long term, were incredibly welcoming and created good vibes.

I taught a lovely Syrian lady every day, an almost complete beginner, and it was very rewarding to see her use the simple words and sentences we covered. As all the regular Arabic teachers were busy or away, Nargis (herself an intern) became my Arabic teacher. She was extremely helpful and patient and I got a lot of speaking practice (always my main concern when I take lessons).

My suggestion for the centre would be improved communication in organising stuff, like having a staff handbook with the basics about who is who and how the centre is run, and giving teachers more info about their prospective students before their first lesson.

I liked the fact that everyone gives presentations once in a while (about teaching methods, about themselves, and Salma about the situation of refugees in Halle) and found it really interesting to listen to them.

Halle itself is a nice, not overwhelmingly large city, which makes it easy to get around, with great cafés and beautiful architecture in the centre.

Thanks, danke and shukran everyone!

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Response from The Excellence Center

Greetings Uli,

Hello! It's great to hear about your experience teaching German and studying Arabic at The Excellence Center. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere created by everyone at the center, including the long-term staff members Salma, Nargis, and Ali, made your time there enjoyable. Nargis, who became your Arabic teacher, provided helpful and patient guidance, giving you valuable speaking practice. Your suggestion for improved communication and organization is valuable, such as having a staff handbook and providing teachers with more information about their students.

The practice of giving presentations and the topics covered, including teaching methods and the situation of refugees in Halle, added an interesting dimension to your experience. Halle itself is a charming city, not too large, with convenient accessibility and a center adorned with beautiful architecture and great cafés. Overall, your time at The Excellence Center was fulfilling, and you express your gratitude with thanks to everyone involved. Keep up the great work, and best of luck with your future endeavors!

Greetings from Halle,

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Yes, I recommend this program

The excellence center offers a great unique experience

I can't recommend the Excellence center enough. Not only for those wanting to have a great study/work abroad experience but for anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone and get to experience a new culture in the most friendly way possible.
I stayed in the center teaching English for 3 weeks, and then a 4th week just taking German lessons. So, I got to experience a bit of each of the offered programs, and they both have unique advantages. While being a volunteer I got an amazing experience giving one-on-one lessons to students from different age groups and nationalities, and it was incredible seeing how committed they are to integrating into German society and to learning English even though they are still in the process of improving their German skills, handling school, languages, a different country, and managing all that while being very sweet and nice to their teachers and being honestly excited about their lessons and about everything in their surroundings.
In my 4th week, I was only taking German lessons, and this was also very interesting. Muaz is an incredible teacher and he worked with me on a wide variety of activities and helped me a lot in improving my German skills, as well as getting a broad understanding of Halle, and of the study and work life in the city.
Overall the center was just an incredible place to be, everyone receives you in such a warm welcoming way and the atmosphere is always one of friendship and care. I was included in so many amazing activities, from hanging out in local coffee shops, and bars, to a Ramadan Iftar dinner with volunteers, staff, and members of their community. From the beginning, you are received in such a friendly way, and I was fortunate enough to have a great group of volunteers staying at the same time as me, and it was amazing getting to know each of them.
The city is also great and offers lots of things to do, and there is plenty to explore in the nearby towns, so this also makes for a very rich cultural experience.

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Great social life
  • Unique life experience
  • Not really a con, but the accommodation offered by the center is a shared room, so that might not be for everyone, and it could be nice to keep that in mind.
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Response from The Excellence Center

Hello Bianca,

Thank you for your enthusiastic recommendation of the Excellence Center. We're delighted to hear that you had a fantastic experience and that it exceeded your expectations in terms of stepping out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in a new culture in a friendly way. It's wonderful that you had the opportunity to teach English for three weeks and then take German lessons for an additional week.

Thank you once again for sharing your positive experience, and we hope that others will have the opportunity to enjoy the same welcoming and enriching environment at the Excellence Center.

Best wishes from Halle,

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Yes, I recommend this program

Intensive Arabic

I would certainly recommend The Excellence Center to anyone interested in learning or teaching language. The staff consists of a wonderful group of people who are incredibly intelligent, fun, and motivated to help you reach your goals. A daily morning breakfast offers a chance to connect with other students and staff in a way that facilitates an atmosphere of warmth. I never realized how little I use my voice or how much of an introvert I am until I tried learning a new language at the age of 43. My tutor was incredibly patient with me. The course challenged me in ways I didn’t anticipate, but she always made herself available for assistance and encouraged me every step of the way. I will always be grateful for her time and her effort. This is a special place that’s worthy of your consideration.


  • The one on one instruction
  • Timely response to concerns
  • Community atmosphere
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Response from The Excellence Center

Hello Spencer,

Thank you for your kind words and recommendation of The Excellence Center. It's fantastic to hear that you had such a positive experience with the staff, who are not only intelligent but also fun and motivated to help you achieve your language goals. The daily morning breakfast provided a welcoming atmosphere that fostered connections with fellow students and staff members. It's natural to discover aspects about ourselves that we may not have realized before, and your journey of learning a new language at the age of 43 highlighted your determination and willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Your tutor's patience and constant support played a crucial role in your progress, and their availability for assistance ensured that you had the guidance you needed. The Excellence Center truly is a special place, and we appreciate you sharing your gratitude and recommending it to others.

Best of luck on your language learning journey, and we hope that your positive experience continues to inspire and motivate others to pursue their language learning goals at The Excellence Center.

Best of luck from Halle,

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Yes, I recommend this program

German and teaching English

I have nothing but great things to say about the people at the Excellence Center! They were extremely friendly and welcoming. I have met amazing people and learned amazing things that I will always hold near and dear to my heart. My only regret is not staying longer. I think this is an excellent program and I would highly recommend this experience for others. I would like to come back to this program as soon as I can. You will create memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking for an adventure, this is your place.

  • Meeting people
  • Learning new cultures
  • Learning a new language
  • Program cost
  • In Halle
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Response from The Excellence Center

Greetings Michelle,

I'm thrilled to hear that your experience at the Excellence Center was filled with positivity and fond memories! The friendly and welcoming nature of the people there undoubtedly played a significant role in creating an enriching environment for you. The connections you formed and the knowledge you gained will forever hold a special place in your heart.

It's wonderful to hear that you highly recommend this program to others, highlighting its excellence and the potential for creating lasting memories. Your desire to return to the program in the future reflects the impact it had on you and your eagerness for further personal growth and adventure. May your future endeavors be filled with even more remarkable experiences, and may the friendships and lessons learned at the Excellence Center continue to inspire and uplift others.

Best wishes from Halle,

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Yes, I recommend this program

One Month Teaching English and Learning Arabic

I am really glad I found out about this opportunity. There are not many places like this that allow people my age to teach English and learn a critical language like Arabic. I think the center is a great place for cultural exchange and to develop cultural competency. The staff was very helpful and if I had a problem, I felt comfortable discussing it with them. I taught around 7-10 hours and received 2-3 hours of Arabic lessons a week.

My teacher, Muaz, introduced me to Arabic-speaking countries, the different dialects, and helped me learn the alphabet to be able to read some Arabic. I also learned some basic phrases and practiced them outside the center. He even took me to a falafel shop, and I learned about his experience as a refugee.

It was a really moving story. As for my English students, they were a range of ages from 8 to 32, some regular German students, others refugees from Ukraine/Syria. I really enjoyed listening to their experiences and understanding how Halle is an ideal place for those who have been displaced. Another thing that was great was that I had a lot of creativity with my classes and how I taught them; a majority of them were English conversation classes, but with my oldest student I had him give me a tour of Halle in English to practice it outside the classroom, and with my younger students I taught them the names of countries on different continents in English (a fun activity).

Most of the students come in with a good understanding of English grammar and vocabulary, but I wish I had been able to explain things about the English language that did not make sense to them (i.e. varied pronunciations). Here are some things I think would be helpful to know before you come: January is the quietest time of the year to come. I met two volunteers my first week, but was the only one left for the remainder of my time. There was nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I wish I could have done activities/traveled with other volunteers.

I think summer is the most ideal time to come. Another thing is that you may have to get your own dinner when living with a host family. Breakfast is covered at the center and then lunch/dinner are on your own. I think this was the most surprising thing for me because it had not been like that with other host families I had stayed with. I was able to eat with them on weekends but not weekdays because my host mom was not able to prepare as much food. I can understand this, but it was a little lonely eating dinner by myself in my room. However, the family I stayed with was very nice and the younger sister gave me my own room.

So, I think if you are going to stay with a host family, just know that it might only just be for accommodation purposes, and it is up to you to interact with the family and feel included. I wish I had practiced my Arabic with them more often and had been less shy, but towards the end I started to feel less isolated. It takes time to adjust to being in a new country, and just when you starting making friends and feeling settled, you have to leave.

This was a positive experience and I hope to return to Halle in the summer. Thank you Rafat, Radwan, and Muaz for this unique experience.

P.S. You get bonus points if you can make Radwan smile :)

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Response from The Excellence Center

Greetings Sonia,

I'm thrilled that you found this opportunity to be so valuable, especially in terms of teaching English and learning Arabic. The center's focus on cultural exchange and developing cultural competency is indeed commendable. It's great to hear that the staff was supportive and that you had a positive experience with your Arabic teacher, Muaz, who helped you explore different aspects of the language and culture. Your creativity in teaching classes and connecting with your students, whether through conversation sessions or engaging activities, is fantastic.

While it's understandable that you wished for more interaction with other volunteers, it's inspiring to see how you made the most of your time and embraced the experience. Adjusting to a new country and host family can be challenging, but it's encouraging to hear that you started to feel less isolated as time went on. Your intention to return in the summer speaks volumes about the positive impact this opportunity had on you. Thank you for sharing your feedback and appreciation for Rafat, Radwan, and Muaz. I'm glad they made your experience unique and memorable.

Much love from Halle

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Yes, I recommend this program

Eye opening experience

My name is Ross and I joined The Excellence Centre in July 2022 for one month. I am 22 years old and from Scotland. As a recent graduate from university, I did not have a plan in what I want to do with my life straight out of university. After finding this online I thought it would be a beneficial opportunity for me. And it was, so rewarding in many ways. The other volunteers that you meet from all over the world and understanding their cultures is something that find so interesting. Different words for things, different food and different interests are all intriguing and makes me want to learn more. I liked having time in the evenings and weekends to meet up at the park and go swimming in the Saale with the other volunteers.

The teaching aspect is something that I have not done too much before so I was slightly nervous when I met my first students. However, after we introduced each other and spoke about what they struggle with and what they want to lean I was at ease. My students were a mother and son from Ukraine and had a good level of English. This meant that it was a pleasure to teach them and they were extremely grateful. My German teach was cool and really good in helping me understand the language more. The experience really opened my eyes to understand first hand the impact of what is going on in the world. I and feel that I played my part in helping people.

I stayed in a single student accommodation north of the city which was only 15 minutes away from on the tram. And a five-minute walk to the supermarket. The accommodation had plenty room and I liked that I had my own bathroom, cooking area and washing facilities. Everyone that I met within the accommodation was extremely friendly. For example, I struggled to understand the washing app as it was all in German but another student helped me.

The city of Halle is beautiful and has a rich history. There are lots of buildings and statues that have interesting designs and meaning around the city. I was also grateful to have a tour and presentation of the city from someone that works with the centre. The zoo is also big here and I recommend everyone to go. And, to visit the nearby city of Leipzig which is only 30 minutes away by train. It also has lots of museums and shops.
Overall, I would highly recommend this to people that want to teach, develop their understanding of a language or meet new people!

  • Friendly people
  • Great city
  • Rewarding
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Response from The Excellence Center

Hi Ross,

Thank you so much for leaving us an excellent review. We're thrilled you loved your Teaching English and Study Arabic Program at the Excellence Center in Europe. Thanks for your great help and vibes during the last four weeks.

We wish you all the best in your new master program and hope to meet you in Halle, Germany

With kind regards,

Questions & Answers

Hi Çağlanur, The program costs 275 Euro a week and it includes your accomodation, breakfast, tours in the city and three hours of Arabic or German All the best,