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Camp Europe offers specializes in language & adventure sport camps for children & youth throughout Europe. We offer different positions, such as: Language Coach, Camp Counselor, Program Area Director & Group Leader.

Camp Europe provides an intense training through which you will obtain professional instruction in many outdoor education fields, form canoeing, kayaking, swimming, archery, climbing & high ropes, passing through field sports, creative activities, to language coaching, team building, etc. Plus, you will obtain a bronze cross and 1st aid certification.

At the end of the training, you will obtain a well-reputed Diploma, and you will be all set to experience a memorable summer time in Europe, having fun in outdoors and playing as a role model for younger generations.

  • An International Experience you will cherish for the rest of your days!
  • Nature, Sports, Forest, Lake, Calm vibes and loads of fun make for a magnificent summer.
  • Practice your talents and share your innermost through a wide range of program areas.
  • Act as a role model for children and youth that would look up to you. Develop your sense of responsibility.
  • Run, scream, sing, hike, climb, swim, speak a different language and stare at the fire in silence at the end of each active day.

Questions & Answers

Unfortunately the training is only for people obtaining a staff placement that summer. However, if you are interested in the training and limited of time, you can alway attend the ICIT training program, which is 2 weeks long and it offers you all the proper ttraining to become an International Camp Counselor and attend as staff on following years.
We cherish our internationality! So we welcome people from all over the globe. Last summer we gathered 45 different nationalities throughout the summer at our diverse locations.


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Camp Europe Dreams Big

You'll get to travel the world, they said... Little did I know when I packed my bags to travel nearly 8,000 kilometers across the world from the USA to volunteer at a summer outdoor sports and adventure camp in Germany, that my life would be forever changed. Since 2013 I've had the tremendous opportunity of learning from and working with young people from all over the globe who participate in Camp Adventure/Camp Europe camps; over 24 countries in fact. Each one of these youth imprint upon my heart deeply, and I learn from them just as much as they learn from me! However, I'll never forget one little boy (only 6 years old) who, this past season, came to Joshofen Junior Camp in Neuburg. His mother was German and his father Chilean. He could speak perfect Spanish and German, but not a word of English. On the second day of camp I noticed him playing a game of strategy with his fingers. He called me over and started eagerly speaking German to me, teaching me how to play. When I didn't understand a German word, I would ask him to explain in Spanish to fill in all the gaps for me. It wasn't long before we were laughing and having tremendous fun trying to outwit each other with this game of counting. And that's what camp Europe does best... It takes young people from all over the world and bonds them together through language and a fulfilled sense of belongingness. I've seen youth from opposite sides of the world immersed in meaningful conversation without ever speaking the same language. That is the power of love, of peace, and of camp! The sports, the swimming, the activities, the camping, the hikes, the meal-times - it all contributes to deep, long-lasting friendships and a sense of global awareness and understanding that is flourished within each of our campers. Teaching the little boy how to sing and do the motions of a popular camp song "Happy Llama" were given back to me ten-fold when he would run up to me with his hand in the shape of llama, a huge grin on his face and an expectation to sing together. He even translated the song into Spanish and German, and we would often sing them together on bus rides to activities and excursions. ...And that's what camp is all about. An overwhelming sense of belonging, adventure and fun! Welcome to Camp Europe!

Yes, I recommend
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That one teacher moment

During the summer, I was an English Language Coach with Camp Adventure. It was finally my first opportunity to get some real hands on overseas experience while working with kids and having an amazing time. In the first week, I found myself teaching in a beginner English workshop with some of the most enthusiastic kids I've ever met. However there was one that kid that stood out, he was quite reserved and quiet. At times, it was like trying to pull teeth to get this particular child to speak at all let alone in English. Somehow by the end of the week, he was enjoying myself so much that I almost had to find ways to control his excitement. He was loving life in this English workshop I was teaching. At the end of the week, the camp handed out camp awards - for example: camp clown, Mr. Brightside, and of course most improved in English. This kid in my workshop, received this award for most improved and he could not have been happier. He was on cloud 9, to the point where I was almost brought to tears. I couldn't contain the pride I was feeling towards this kid.

Lots of teachers talking about having that one teacher moment where things just go so right you can't even believe it. Seeing his radiant smile on his face, was my teacher moment.

How can this program be improved?
After being at the same camp for 2 weeks straight, I felt that I was starting to get cabin fever, being almost confined to one place. A little switch after 2 weeks would have been nice.
Yes, I recommend

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Camp Europe is the ultimate provider of unique camping experiences throughout the old continent.

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