Will studying abroad slow me down on the road to graduation?


Most definitely not. Most schools try to count study abroad credits towards a student's academic degree as much as possible. However, definitely meet with a study abroad advisor and your academic advisor before you leave, so that you have an idea of what types of classes you should take to count for credit.

This should never be an excuse for why you can't study abroad. There are thousands of programs out there that cater to all kinds of majors and areas of study that you can definitely study abroad and stay on schedule with your course load. While I was abroad, I knocked out most of my general education requirements since I couldn't find a program I was interested that offered courses in my major. While there are programs that have classes in your major, don't forget that you most likely need others too that you could take while abroad!

From my experience of searching programs I was able to find two classes that I definitely need to take before fall 2016, and studying abroad in May -June 2016 in Greece this summer is actually going to help me graduate on time.. (as I wasn't before). So I think it just depends on your situation and when you need to finish certain classes to graduate. But like others said, even if you will graduate a little late, don't let that be the reason you miss out on an opportunity to study abroad!

As an accounting major, I can tell you that it should've been nearly impossible for me to go abroad, let alone go abroad for a full semester. However, I worked out my classes with AIFS and my home university. You want to leave most if not all of your general ed's for when you go abroad, this will allow you to still take classes within requirements but also graduate in time. If you also have a science/english-related major, you can look for major-specific programs that allow you to complete major requirements. However, if going abroad for a full semester does not work, you should look into going for a couple of weeks during the summer. Don't allow that to stop you!

The provider I went through, AIFS, includes many programs in the summer and in January. In order to graduate in four years, I did study abroad in summer, and by doing so I was able to major in Spanish instead of minor in it. Even if your major (or minor) is not in a foreign language, if you work with your study abroad office, they will help you make sure the classes you would take transfer for classes you need, such as gen-eds, electives, or major classes.

Even if something did happen and you had to graduate a semester late, this is one of the only times in your life that you can pick up and leave for four months and live in another country for a bit. The experience will be one you will never forget.

I studied abroad my junior year and my major is chemical engineering. I searched a long time for programs that would allow me to take some engineering credits abroad, but most were located in Germany or Australia or another country that I didn't prefer to go to. I really wanted to study in Florence and I found AIFS who worked with me to help me find classes that I could take for elective and economic credit (both of which I needed for my engineering degree). The thing to keep in mind is to start planning early so that you can plan your semesters at your home school around what you can take through a program abroad! Meet with an advisor at school as well as call/email representative from programs you are interested in to work out your schedule.

Another option is to always try studying in the summer!