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Travel opens our eyes to the world. In this story, learn how one traveler came to appreciate her beauty and her 'flaws' by exploring the complexity of beauty standards around the world.
If you are ready to learn a new language, the world is your oyster. Consider some of these alternative cities where you can learn the world's most popular languages at a fraction of the cost of more popular destinations.
Need more games to play with your students as an ESL teacher abroad? Check out our brand new list, including Vocab Freeze Tag, Concentration, and Fruit Salad.
Volunteering with youth abroad can take a variety of forms, but it all helps to bridge cultural differences. It can also be a way to model and build peace around the world, and here are some of the ways how you can help.
Once you've found a great international internship placement, the real adventure begins. There are several stages most internships go through, professionally and personally, and here's how you can successfully navigate each one.
Every traveler makes mistakes, and we all learn from them. One traveler shares the common travel mistakes she's made, how she learned from them, and what you can do to avoid making the same mistakes when you travel.
While the Middle East is a generally conservative region, there's no excuse to leave your fashion sense at home when you head to study abroad in the region. Here are outfit suggestions and tips on what to wear while studying abroad in various Middle Eastern cities.
Unsure which TEFL course type to take? We can help! Take our 6-question quiz to get a sense for which TEFL course is right for you, and then read about different considerations in choosing a TEFL course.
Struggling to learn a new language? Maybe you're facing one of these common language learning problems. Try our strategies and tips to help you overcome the hurdles to learning a new language.
You'll meet loads of people on your gap year, but you might be surprised that many fit into a similar 'type' of traveler. These people will certainly be fun and open your eyes to different travel styles, you can also learn a lot from them!

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