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For Earth Day, we're proud to announce a new initiative at Go Overseas: carbon offsetting all company flights. Learn more about our carbon offsetting so far this year, and how you can become a more sustainable traveler by carbon offsetting your travel too.
Sunny Brisbane, hip Melbourne, or off-beat Perth... where do you want to teach English in Australia? Find the answer comparing five of the greatest cities Down Under to find the right one for you and your teaching career.
Want to earn your TEFL certification in sunny Nice, coastal Brittany, or inimitable Paris? Learn more about the cost of TEFL courses in France plus other costs and expenses to keep in mind as you plan this first step in your career teaching abroad.
Ready to volunteer abroad... but not sure where to start? Learn more about the different types of volunteer programs out there, and the questions you can ask yourself to help you choose the right one.
If you're called to distant shores during your study abroad experience, the United Arab Emirates could be a great destination for you. Learn more about what you should know before studying abroad in the U.A.E.
Want to teach English abroad in Asia, but you aren't quite sure where? Learn about 8 great destinations, and why each one made the list of top countries for teaching in Asia.
Natural disaster takes many forms and can strike anywhere in the world. Learn about the common types of disaster relief volunteer work and where to look for recovery volunteer opportunities.
Costa Rica is a hot destination for studying abroad in Central America, but do you have a good idea for how much your semester of pura vida will cost? Learn more about all of the costs associated with studying abroad in Costa Rica.
If you've decided to volunteer abroad with primates -- be it orangutans, baboons, or Bushbabies -- your next decision is where to go. Read about some of the top destinations for primate volunteering and what makes each an unforgettable experience.
You're ready to teach English in Japan... but where do you want to work? Learn about seven of the best cities to teach abroad in Japan, including Tokyo, Chiba, and Osaka, and what makes each a great option depending on your personal and professional desires.

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