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Payton Wages
I had the most amazing time and I learned so much throughout the entire experience. I made so many friends that I still keep up with and I still keep up with my host family too! I had a great time and...
Jack Yates
The program was amazing, it was very cohesive and easy to navigate. The staff was very fun to talk to and hangout with. They were great people and very protective of us, but they also gave us the...
Rylee Kiddoo
“​Experiences are essential in helping our children successfully maneuver through life. This program is the poster child for this ideology. There was not one "thing" I could have gotten my daughter...
Estefania Torres
I never believed Italy, the tiny little boot by the Mediterranean, could teach me so much in a matter of days. This was my first experience--traveling alone--without my family or friends, but with...

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