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Travis Morrison
First, I want to say that Silk Mandarin is by far the best school there is to learn Chinese. I have tried many other schools and most recently I tried studying at Jiaotong University. I wasn't happy...
Rosey Regan
The first time I heard about Silk mandarin it was through a friend. My friend in question had another friend who worked there. While the thought of learning chinese attracted me it was not feasible at...
Lara White
Before my semester abroad I had never been out of the country. Being in Spain and in Europe I learned to appreciate other cultures and branch out of my shy tendencies. It also gave me the nerves to...
Marion Meester
Often when you read things about a school on their site they exaggerate how good the school is and how great your experience there will be. So when I read the over positive information about JaLS on...

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