Should I pack a lot or wait to buy clothes when I get there?

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I always overpack, but I know Europeans have the best fashion! Are clothes more expensive over there?


It depends on where you're going. Before I left, I bought a lot of basics from places like Old Navy that I knew I would take with me but would leave there when I left, I bought quite a bit while I was in France, but we had a mall literally across the street from my apartment building so that didn't help! I think it's really fun to buy local clothes while you're there, from like the small boutiques and stores. They're a fun souvenir that you can actually get use out of! So my advice is to pack enough for while you're there, but plan on leaving some of it there while you pick up some new things. I definitely wouldn't recommend getting your entire wardrobe from there. Hope that helps!

I agree that it depends on where you are going. It can be really fun to go shopping for clothing in Italy and when you come home remember that you bought that piece in Italy. However, sometimes clothes can be a lot more expensive in the Europe than they are in the U.S. so it is best to bring the essentials and then buy things to supplement as you like. I also always tell students to maybe bring clothing, such as jeans, that may be on its last leg and they could leave it behind if their bag got too full. Just remember to add those shopping expenses into your overall budget!

When studying abroad less is more in my opinion. Of course you won't want to spend a lot of money on clothes while overseas, but if you find you are in dire need of something you will likely be able to find it in your new locale.