Should I study in Australia or New Zealand?

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Can't decide!


You can't go wrong either way! What subjects are you most interested in studying while abroad? Do you want to participate in extracurricular activities (volunteering, internships, etc)? Are you more SoCal or Seattle? A lot of things can go into this decision - but I'm happy to help!


Jeramy Johnson -

Like Jeramy said, you can't go wrong with either. I have not been to Australia, but having gone abroad in New Zealand I've heard a lot about Australia and met a handful. Both have great people, so friendly and so sarcastic. I can at least tell you want I know about New Zealand!

I loved New Zealand for how different the two islands were. To me North Island was warmer, beachy, and where the bigger cities of Wellington and Auckland are. I loved Wellington, super hip. Though, it does live up to the name Windy Welly.

South Island is where you would find most of the LOFT scenes though (other than Hobbiton and Mount Ngauruhoe AKA Mount Doom). It's interesting because South Island is bigger, but the population is 1 million verses North Island's 3 (or 4?) million. Which makes sense because historically, Māori farmed more in the North cause of the warmer climate. Though, I loved being down South during the winter. Backpacking was incredible. There are still beaches down South, may just be a little chiller though and the waves are surfable!

If you choose New Zealand and travel is a big goal, definitely put into consideration which island you think you'd want to travel in more because the cost of the ferry will build up after some time, especially if you're transporting a car! I did all my traveling in South Island during the semester and backpacked North Island during my last month.

Loads more I could talk about, but here's something quick to help you decide!

I studied abroad in Australia and it was the perfect choice for me -- I loved the vibe of Melbourne and being able to travel around the country to places like Sydney, Ayers Rock and the Great Ocean Road.

Australia is huge -- it's the same size as the U.S. so traveling to hot spots is not as easy as in New Zealand, that is the same size as California. New Zealand's cities are much smaller and it gets colder.