Is it worth taking a class that won't count for academic credit?

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I have the option of taking a Food & Wine class in Florence, but it won't count towards my major. Is it worth it?


If you're on track with credits, absolutely yes! And if it can count for elective credits or something, even better. Taking cultural courses is a huge part of studying abroad so take that opportunity while you got it.

Agreed! If you'e on track with your credits and can take the class without setting yourself back definitely do it! When's the next chance you'll get to learn about food and wine in Florence, Italy!

Do it!! i took two elective credits during my semester abroad and it was a great opportunity to learn something I was interested in and also more about the culture and history of the country I was in (Australia).

Yep, but make sure it's something you think is fun or interesting. My home university only required me to take two small classes, but to hold a student visa I needed another class (counting points). So, I guess I didn't really have any other choice, but still worth it! :D