What countries have the best salaries?


The Middle East, hands down, pays the best--usually tax free. It also demands that teachers are more qualified and can be competitive.

China, South Korea, and Japan also pay very well.

It's also worth remembering that even if you're making more in the Middle East than in China, you're also facing a higher cost of living. It's good to calculate how much you'd put away (net) instead of just looking at the salary without any context of how much you'd need to spend each month.

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I taught in South Korea for three years and saved enough to travel the world, live comfortably, AND put myself through teacher's college in Canada. It's easy to do if you budget effectively. :)

Hello! What type of classes did you take in college? Also is there any tips you're willing to give an aspiring young adult?

The best places to go to save money are: China, South Korea, Vietnam. Cost of living is low and salaries are relatively high. Most of the time accommodation is included in the package that is offered, especially in South Korea and Vietnam. Having said that, you still need to make a point of setting aside certain amount of money on a monthly basis or you could spend your whole salary and not have any savings.

The middle east pays high, but cost of living is very high as well, not to mention that the lifestyle is not something that everyone can adjust to. It's good to do some research on the cost of living and life in places where you want to visit.