Is teaching English common in Europe? Especially Italy?

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I really want to teach in Italy, but I assume it isn't a very popular teach abroad destination?


Yes, it's common and there's definitely the demand.

For Italy, I'm not sure how complicated it'd be to find a job, but it does tend to be more difficult for American citizens... actually, not sure if Brexit has affected this at all... hmm

Two of the easiest countries in Europe (Western Europe at least) to find a job are Spain and France. Both have programs for Americans to teach (legally!) via government sponsored programs.

It's surprisingly easier than you think to teach in Europe. to Jessie's comment, Spain is the #1 country in the world with the highest demand for English teachers. The opportunities there are (quite literally) endless. There are a number of programs in Italy that you can participate in which allow you to earn your TEFL and teach. There is a program in Florence that is quite popular.

Europe is a great place to teach abroad! I personally taught abroad in Spain. I'm not sure of any programs in Italy, but there are well established programs in Spain and France that give young professionals visas through the government.

I agree with the previous comments, but if you are serious about Italy there are many possibilities... I recommend Greenheart Travel (! They are a great organizations that care about those they serve and help!