Can I teach abroad without a degree?

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I'm hoping to just get the certification to teach abroad, I was wondering if that's even realistic? Are there jobs that don't require a degree? I'm looking in China.


Yes you can! It might be a little more difficult to find a job and get a visa, but far from impossible. Of all countries in Asia, China is one of the easiest to find a job that doesn't require a degree. It just takes a little more dedication. Check out this article - you can find a lot more information and tips there:

Though you can find a job without a degree in China, keep in mind that it's technically illegal and you won't be able to apply for a visa:

As Richelle explains in this article:

"Now if you want to obtain a legal work visa and residence permit in China, you must be a native speaker with a college degree and a few years experience or a TEFL certificate. Slowly but surely, China is approaching the standardized model of South Korea and Japan, ensuring that the full-time English teaching professions in its public schools are qualified."

A good alternative to consider would be nearby Vietnam. Not sure what the legal requirements are for Taiwan.