Where can I teach if I don't have TEFL or CELTA certificates?

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I've been an English teacher for 16 years, but I do not have these certificates.


Europe is a great place to go if you don't have TEFL or CELTA certificates. I taught in Madrid with the Spanish government's program without any certifications.

Cambodia is also a good option but the pay is low. You can find a job teaching in China, even though you technically need one. Many schools in China are willing to bend the rules!


If you have that much experience and good references, you should be able to get a job at most institutes or schools that are willing to be a little flexible about the rules. It also might be worth looking into just getting one of the certificates if you're worried about it hurting your job opportunities, though it sounds like you've done fine so far. Some teaching providers offer the chance to get TEFL or CELTA certified through their programs while you're teaching, so you might want to consider those types of programs if that interests you.

With 16 years of experience you are going to be a very competitive applicant! However, it might be worth considering getting a TEFL Certificate if you weren't teaching English as a second or foreign language. With 16 years of classroom experience + TEFL you will be in a position to get top paying positions in International Schools or private/public schools around the world. An online TEFL course might be the perfect solution: https://www.ciee.org/tefl