Do you need a TEFL certificate to teach overseas?

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I have a masters and doctorate degree in teaching.


Not necessarily, although certificates will generally make you a more competitive candidate for English teaching jobs, and some countries or institutes do have it as a prerequisite for teachers. However, other schools are sometimes willing to overlook the lack of a certificate if you have a teaching degree and/or previous experience, which it sounds like you do.

If you have a specific country or school in mind, see if you can find out what that particular location's requirements are about TEFL certification (is there a law about it, or is it on a case-by-case basis, etc).

Here's some more information on TEFL certification:

it depends on the country. China and South Korea will want you to have a TEFL, whereas countries like Cambodia and Thailand may not care. Here's some more info I wrote about getting TEFL certified!

Great question, as mentioned, a TEFL Certificate isn't always listed a hiring requirement, however, schools always prefer teachers with more qualifications, credentials, and experience. A TEFL Certificate will make you stand out as a competitive applicant. In addition to all the knowledge you'll gain, you will also gain confidence and practical skills like lesson planning and classroom management. Do it for your future students!