Exactly how easy is it to save money teaching in Spain?


Hi Dan! Saving money in Spain is definitely possible, depending on your position, salary, and spending habits. As an example, CIEE offers a program in Spain teaching as a language and culture assistant in Madrid, you will work 16 hours per week earning 1,000 Euros per month. You should plan to spend about 300 Euros per month on a room in a shared apartment, and another 300 euros or so per month on food, transportation, living necessities. That leaves you 400 euros per month to travel, learn Spanish, take cooking classes - whatever you want! You are also encouraged to tutor English on the side of teaching if you're looking for additional income. Hope this helps!

I was able to save a lot while making 1000 euros in Madrid. I paid 350 Euros per month on accommodation, 100 euros on transportation and around 50 per week on food. I was also able to tutor at night to earn extra cash as well.