Is it realistic to make a career and build a life teaching English at any of these countries?

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If so, which ones?


Hi Robert! We think it is definitely possible to build a life teaching English abroad - there are so many opportunities overseas to teach English if you are a native speaker with a bachelor's degree, and a TEFL certificate. You can earn a high salary with little or no experience in China and South Korea to start off, and then the sky is the limit. There is also quite a bit of money in the Middle-East if a high salary is what you're looking for. Hope this helps!

I definitely think so! I have a few friends doing this. If you want to do that, definitely get a TEFL, and a Master's in English or a teaching certificate couldn't hurt, especially if you want to teach in private schools. One of my friends taught in Taiwan for a year, got his MA in China at the University of Nottingham in Linguistics, and now teaches in the US but might move to Estonia. I have plenty of long-term teacher friends here in Beijing too!

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