If I plan to teach in Thailand, can I get certified in a different place? Like Prague?

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Or is it better to get trained in Thailand in order to get a better teaching position?


Hey Dillon, great question! You can get certified in a different place, no problem! You could even consider getting TEFL Certified online for full flexibility in where/when you get certified. However, you're onto something in thinking that getting trained in Thailand might help you get a better teaching position- a TEFL course in Thailand would introduce you to Thai culture and school systems, a definite advantage to getting a job in the country. Check out our Destination Thailand program (https://www.ciee.org/tefl/courses-abroad/thailand/)- it is a hybrid program- an online course + practice teaching in Bangkok Thailand, which will very likely lead to a job offer.

Yes, you can definitely get certified in a different place than you want to teach in. Just make sure the certification you are earning is universal, such as TEFL, and will be accepted in other places you are looking to teach in. Getting certified in a different destination can be a great way to see more of the world!