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Dec 29, 2023
Feb 23, 2024
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About Program

Embark on a cultural odyssey with our Au Pair to China Program. Immerse yourself in a Chinese family, fostering connections and understanding. Mandarin classes elevate your language skills, enhancing communication and cultural appreciation.

Contribute meaningfully through tutoring, and sharing cultural insights. Embrace diverse traditions in a dynamic exchange within your host family. Explore China's wonders through curated cultural activities. From ancient sites to modern landscapes, each outing enriches your understanding of this dynamic nation.

Prioritizing your well-being, we offer 24/7 support for a seamless transition. This transformative journey promises personal growth, lasting connections, and a profound appreciation for China's rich traditions. Become an integral part of a welcoming family and vibrant cultural landscape. Join us in creating memories that transcend borders.

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  • Cultural Exchange: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, from traditional customs to modern city life. Gain language skills and form lasting connections with your host family.
  • Childcare Experience: Work closely with your host family to care for their children. Engage in educational and fun activities, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment for the little ones.
  • Language Learning: Enhance your language skills by living and communicating with a Chinese-speaking family. This is an excellent opportunity to become proficient in Mandarin while enjoying day-to-day conversations.
  • Travel Opportunities: China's diverse landscapes and historical sites are at your fingertips. Explore ancient wonders, vibrant cities, and breathtaking natural scenery during your time off.
  • Support System: Our program ensures a smooth transition for au pairs, providing assistance with visa arrangements, cultural adaptation, and ongoing support throughout your stay.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Journey of Unexpected Growth: My Au Pair Experience in China

Honestly, before embarking on this journey, I never imagined myself in China, but what I've encountered here has surpassed all expectations and left an indelible mark on my life.

Living with my host family in Hangzhou has been nothing short of remarkable. The warmth and hospitality they've extended have made me feel not just like a guest but a cherished member of their family. I've had the privilege of witnessing and participating in their daily lives, sharing traditions, and creating lasting bonds that I will carry with me forever.

Hangzhou itself, with its picturesque West Lake and vibrant cultural scene, has been a playground for my curiosity. From exploring historical landmarks to indulging in local cuisine, every day has brought a new adventure. The city's rich history and the juxtaposition of modern and traditional elements have made each moment a captivating experience.

What struck me the most is the genuine interest the Yohoo team takes in ensuring a well-rounded cultural exchange. Monthly cultural experiences have been a highlight, providing unique insights into Chinese customs and traditions. These events, coupled with Yohoo's meticulous attention to detail, have not only broadened my understanding but have also fostered personal growth.

I never imagined I'd find myself participating in local festivals, sharing laughter with newfound friends, and discovering hidden gems around the city. These experiences, though initially unexpected, have become the foundation of my personal and cultural growth. I've learned to navigate the challenges of a new environment, embrace cultural differences, and, most importantly, appreciate the beauty of diversity.

In conclusion, my au pair experience in China, particularly in Hangzhou, has been a journey of self-discovery and unexpected joy. I am immensely grateful for the Yohoo team's dedication to creating an enriching cultural exchange. This life-changing adventure has not only broadened my horizons but has also given me lifelong memories and friendships.

Thank you, Au Pair China Program, for turning what I never thought I'd do into an experience that I will forever treasure.

What was your funniest moment?
The funniest and most unforgettable moment took place during a local festival that my host family enthusiastically invited me to join. The lively atmosphere, vibrant colors, and the rhythmic beats of traditional music immediately set the stage for an extraordinary day.

What made this moment so special was the unexpected twist of events. Little did I know that my host family had planned a surprise performance for me. I found myself in the midst of a lively dance, surrounded by laughing family members and neighbors, all eager to include me in the celebration. Despite the initial awkwardness, their infectious energy and encouragement turned it into an uproarious spectacle of joy.
  • Cultural Immersion: Living with a host family in Hangzhou provides an authentic cultural experience, allowing me to immerse myself in daily life, traditions, and customs.
  • Language Development: The constant exposure to Mandarin in real-life situations has significantly improved my language skills, fostering a deeper understanding of the language and enhancing my ability to communicate effectively.
  • Personal Growth: The challenges and new experiences have contributed to significant personal growth, fostering resilience, adaptability, and a broader worldview.
  • Initial Adjustment: Adapting to a new cultural environment initially presented challenges, as I navigated cultural nuances, language barriers, and a different daily routine.
  • Homesickness: Being away from familiar surroundings and loved ones can sometimes lead to feelings of homesickness, especially during significant cultural or family events.
  • Communication Challenges: While the language immersion is beneficial, there are moments of frustration when communication becomes challenging due to language differences, leading to occasional misunderstandings.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Visit China as an au pair with Yohoo is a fantastic ecperience

I want to express my gratitude for the incredible experience I had as an au pair with your agency. From the meticulous matching process to living with my host family in Hangzhou, every aspect exceeded my expectations.

The monthly cultural experiences organized by Yohoo enriched my understanding of Chinese culture. Exploring landmarks and participating in local traditions created lasting memories and genuine connections.

The unwavering support from the Yohoo staff was invaluable. Their responsiveness and commitment ensured I felt secure and confident throughout my stay.

Yohoo not only facilitated cultural exchange but also created a community among au pairs. The friendships formed during activities made my time in China truly special.

I wholeheartedly recommend Yohoo to anyone considering an au pair experience in China. Thank you for making my journey educational, culturally rich, and filled with lifelong friendships.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Amazing Au Pair Experience in China

My name is Anna and I'm a 23-year-old psychology student from Sweden. I have always been fascinated by China and its culture, and I wanted to learn Mandarin and travel there. That's why I decided to become an au pair in China for 6 months, and I'm so glad I did. It was the best decision of my life!

I found my host family through Yohoo that matches au pairs and host families in China. They were very helpful and professional, and they arranged everything for me, from visa to flight to orientation. They also provided me with a lot of information and support throughout my stay.

My host family was amazing. They were Li, Chen, Xiao, and Mei, and they lived in Beijing, the capital of China. Li was a doctor, Chen was an engineer, Xiao was a 7-year-old boy, and Mei was a 5-year-old girl. They were very kind, generous, and fun, and they made me feel at home right away. They showed me around their beautiful apartment, gave me a cozy room, and a welcome card. They also introduced me to their relatives, friends, and neighbors, who were very nice and curious about me.

My au pair duties were not too hard or too easy. I worked for about 30 hours per week, and I helped the family with English tutoring, basic childcare, and language learning. I woke up early and helped Li and Chen with the morning routine, such as getting the kids ready for school. I then accompanied Xiao and Mei to their school, where I met their teachers and classmates. They were very smart and cute, and they always made me laugh and smile. They were also very eager to learn and speak German and English with me, and they taught me some Mandarin words every day. They were like my little brother and sister, and I loved them so much.

In the afternoon, I picked up the kids from school and took them to different activities, such as piano lessons, soccer practice, or art classes. I also played with them, taught them some songs and games from Sweden, and learned some songs and games from China. We had a lot of fun together and became closer every day.

In the evening, I helped the kids with their homework, such as reading, writing, and math. They were very diligent and curious, and they always asked me questions and showed me their work. I praised them for their efforts and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

After dinner, we had some family time, such as watching a movie, playing a board game, or reading a book. We also shared our thoughts and feelings about our day, our dreams and fears, our likes and dislikes. We listened to each other and supported each other. We became more than just a host family and an au pair, we became friends.

My language and cultural learning was incredible. I improved my Mandarin a lot, thanks to the language course that agency arranged, the daily conversations with the family and the kids, and the interactions with other au pairs and locals. I also made many friends from different countries and backgrounds, who shared their experiences and stories with me. We went out together, explored the city and the country, and had a blast.

I also experienced the Chinese culture in many ways, thanks to the family and the friends who showed me their traditions, customs, and values. I adapted to the differences, respected the rules, and appreciated the diversity. I celebrated the festivals and events, such as the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival. I enjoyed the food and the music, such as the hot pot, the dumplings, and the pop songs. I learned a lot from them and I also shared a lot of my culture with them.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life long lasting Experience in China as an Au Pair

Recently revisited my host family in Hangzhou, China, after completing a five-month exchange program through Yohoo back in 2016. The experience was so impactful that seven years later, I felt compelled to reconnect. Hangzhou remains as enchanting as ever, and my host family welcomed me with open arms. The bond we formed during my initial stay only deepened over the years. Yohoo's support during the program and the lasting connections it facilitated have left a lasting impression on me. I highly recommend Yohoo for anyone considering a fulfilling exchange experience in China.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Timeless Memories: Au Pairing in China (2017)

Reflecting on my 2017 au pair journey in China brings a rush of gratitude. Living with a welcoming host family felt like an instant connection to Chinese culture. Tutoring the kids not only improved my Mandarin but also created lasting bonds.

The curated cultural activities were eye-opening, from historical landmarks to local festivities. The agency's support and the camaraderie with fellow au pairs added a sense of security and community.

This program wasn't just a chapter; it became a part of who I am. For those considering the Au Pair China Program, it's a timeless adventure of cultural immersion, personal growth, and lasting connections.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Enchanting Hangzhou: A Five-Month Au Pair Journey

Completing my five-month Au Pair China Program in Hangzhou has been nothing short of a captivating adventure.The local host family, though not fluent in English, embraced me with unparalleled warmth and hospitality.
Hangzhou, with its serene West Lake and rich history, became my home away from home. The local host family, though not fluent in English, embraced me with unparalleled warmth and hospitality. Their willingness to share their daily lives and traditions made me feel like a cherished member of their family.
Navigating daily life with a host family that spoke minimal English presented an initial challenge, but it turned into a remarkable language-learning opportunity. Engaging with the kids in English tutoring sessions became a dynamic exchange, fostering not just language development but a deeper understanding of each other's cultures.
For those considering the Au Pair China Program in Hangzhou, my advice is to embrace the unknown. The language barrier may seem daunting initially, but it opens doors to unparalleled cultural immersion. Take the initiative to learn basic Mandarin and communicate with gestures, smiles, and shared experiences.

This program is not just about teaching English; it's about building bridges between cultures, forming genuine connections, and discovering the beauty of human connection beyond words. My five months in Hangzhou have been a treasure trove of memories, personal growth, and an enduring appreciation for the beauty of cross-cultural exchange.

With heartfelt gratitude to my host family, the Yohoo agency, and the vibrant city of Hangzhou,

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
One of the most surprising and delightful moments during my time as an au pair in China was experiencing a traditional Chinese festival with my host family. The family, understanding that I was eager to immerse myself in local traditions, took me to witness the vibrant Lantern Festival.
What started as a seemingly regular evening turned into a spectacle of dazzling lights, intricate lantern displays, and lively performances. The streets were adorned with colorful lanterns of all shapes and sizes, and the air was filled with the sound of traditional music and laughter.
The surprising part was not just the festival itself, but the generosity and inclusiveness of my host family and the community. Being welcomed into such a culturally rich and joyous celebration highlighted the depth of the cultural exchange I was privileged to experience during my time as an au pair in China. It was a moment that went beyond my expectations and left a lasting imprint on my heart.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Transformative Journey in the Heart of Beijing

I recently completed a remarkable 6-month au pair program in Beijing, China, and I am compelled to share the profound impact it had on my life. As an au pair living with a local host family and tutoring two incredible kids in English, this journey surpassed all my expectations.

Beijing's rich history and modern vibrancy unfolded before my eyes during the organized cultural excursions. From the Forbidden City to the Great Wall, each outing was a lesson in China's vast and diverse heritage. Exploring the city's hidden gems with the host family made the experience even more special.

Also the agency's unwavering support was evident throughout my stay.
This program has been more than just a cultural exchange; it's been a journey of personal growth. Navigating the challenges, embracing new perspectives, and learning to adapt to a different way of life have left an indelible mark on my character.

In retrospect, my au pair experience in Beijing has been a transformative chapter. Beyond the beautiful landscapes and historical wonders, it's the laughter with the kids, the warmth of my host family, and the friendships formed that make this journey unforgettable.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Au Pair China Program to anyone seeking not just a job but a life-changing adventure in one of the world's most captivating cities.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be open-minded and embrace cultural differences. China has a rich and diverse culture, and your experience will be much more rewarding if you approach it with curiosity and respect.
While Mandarin might seem challenging, learning some basic phrases can greatly enhance your experience. Locals appreciate the effort, and it can be a valuable tool for daily interactions.
Form strong relationships with your host family. Engage with the kids beyond tutoring; participate in family activities, celebrations, and daily life. This will create a more meaningful and enriching experience.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Heartfelt Journey of Growth and Cultural Enrichment

As I reflect on the incredible chapter that was my au pair experience in China through your esteemed agency, I am compelled to express my deepest gratitude and share the profound impact this journey has had on my life.

From the outset, your pre-departure orientation was not just informative but transformative. It equipped me with the cultural understanding and language basics that laid the foundation for a seamless transition into my host family's home. The meticulous preparation and guidance provided were instrumental in ensuring a positive and enriching experience.

Living with my host family was an absolute delight. Their warmth, kindness, and willingness to share their daily lives and traditions created an environment that felt like a true home away from home. The bonds forged during my stay are not just memories but lasting connections that I will cherish forever.

The Mandarin classes offered by your agency were not only educational but also a gateway to deeper cultural understanding. The ability to communicate with my host family in their native language opened doors to meaningful connections and a more immersive experience.

Contributing to English tutoring was a fulfilling aspect of my journey. It provided not only an opportunity to give back to the family but also a chance to learn, grow, and share my own cultural perspectives. It was a reciprocal exchange that added a layer of richness to my overall experience.

I am immensely grateful for the continuous support and guidance provided throughout my stay. Your commitment to the well-being of au pairs is truly commendable, and the sense of security knowing that assistance was just a call away was invaluable.

If I were to relive this experience, I honestly can't think of a single thing I would change. The program exceeded my expectations in every aspect, and I am leaving with not just a wealth of cultural knowledge but also a newfound confidence and a global perspective.

Thank you, Yohoo , for orchestrating a program that goes beyond being just an au pair placement. It's a transformative journey of personal growth, cultural immersion, and lifelong connections. I wholeheartedly recommend your agency to anyone seeking an enriching and unforgettable au pair experience.

With heartfelt gratitude

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
During my au pair experience in China, one of the most unusual yet fascinating culinary adventures was trying "Century Eggs" or "Pidan." These are preserved duck eggs that undergo a unique fermentation process, turning the egg white translucent and the yolk into a creamy, dark green or grayish color. The eggs are known for their strong flavor and distinctive aroma.
Despite initial reservations about trying such an uncommon delicacy, I embraced the opportunity to dive into the local food culture. The Century Egg, often served with pickled ginger and soy sauce, offered a surprisingly rich and complex taste that challenged my taste buds in the most intriguing way. It became a memorable part of my culinary exploration, highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of Chinese cuisine.
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