Permaculture Design Certification in Nicaragua

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Group of people in the forest
Group of people in the forest


The course begins with an intensive introduction to the principles, philosophy, and ethics of permaculture design: what is permaculture, how it is applied, and the main design andthought paradigms used. Course participants will be introduced to InanItah as a teaching and demonstration tool, as well as farm facilities.

The next several days will be dedicated to specific aspects of permaculture design, including Water Systems, Energy Use and Efficiency, Natural Building, and (especially) Agroforestry.
These days include lectures, onsite examples, and hands on experience putting all of the information into context. Several hours in the afternoon are dedicated to workshops and more intensive work projects on the farm.

The end of the course brings everyone together in a final group design project that is presented
on the final day of the course.

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