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The Navigation Year is a powerful training year for young people from 15-21 years of age in Bern, Switzerland.

- Explore and cultivate your gifts and talents.
- Get to know various fields in the working world.
- See how you can contribute to the wellbeing on our Planet.
- Work with inspiring people at 7 Generations in Bern.
- Create a solid plan for your next 5 years to learn, work, earn, grow, and have fun.

  • Inspiring personal guidance to create a navigation map for your next 5 years of your life
  • Classroom teaching and project work in smaller and larger teams in collaboration with 7 Generations Guardians of Transformation training program
  • Internships to help you train your skills and talents
  • Learning from being out in nature
  • Explore and discover your gifts, why you are here and how you can contribute to life

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