Everest Expedition from Tibet

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Everest Expedition from Tibet reaching 'top of the world' is the dream of many climbers. Since the Chinese government welcomed the Mount Everest expeditions from the Tibet side, many mountaineers have been flocking through the ‘Tibet’ route to conquer the ‘King of Mountains’. Mostly, because of the low royalty cost, en route to the summit and other modern mountaineering services, Everest expedition from the Tibet side has attracted climbers than in Nepal.

Our Tibet expedition is lead by ‘Ang Pasang Sherpa’, who is the only mountaineer to climb Mt. Everest from Nepal side and descend to Tibet side as well. His professional skills in mountaineering and experience with the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet ensures great result with better opportunity for a successful ascend on Chomolungma (Tibetan name of Mt. Everest) from northern col.

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