An Adventure of a Lifetime in Guatemala..

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Join us on an adventure of a lifetime where you have a blast, make new friends and also make an incredible impact on a group of children living in a rural Guatemalan village - in just 9 days! During this trip you will help to complete the building of a school and playground, shadow a family in the community, enjoy recess with the children in school and teach the kids for a day! You will also be able to experience the beauty of the Mayan world. While you're in Guatemala you will visit the Spanish colonial city of Antigua, climb the Pacaya volcano, zip line, explore a local coffee farm and barter in the town marketplace.

You will come home exhausted but rejuvenated. You will have left behind something of immeasurable value to a community in need and the connections you make with the children in the community are incredibly unique and deep.

  • Make incredibly deep connections with the children - even with a language barrier.
  • Get to see the finished school & playground and see how excited the children are to learn.
  • Get to really experience the beautiful culture of Guatemala.
  • Make lasting friendships with U.S high schoolers
  • Make an actual impact on the world

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Yes, I recommend this program

STW 2018 February Review

My experience with School the World was nothing short of incredible. Never before could I have expected a service trip to be so enlightening and moving. This trip not only showed me how much poverty still plagues our world, but also how much I take for granted. Simple everyday things- clean drinking water, going to school, sleeping in my own bed, and never going hungry- were all activities I used to not even think about until I embarked on this trip. I am now a much more appreciative person, who has a much greater awareness for global poverty. School the World allowed me to see firsthand how people in poverty live. They also allowed me to help them, both on a small and large scale. By building the Capuchinas community a new school and playground, we were opening brand new doors for the children of this village. Providing them with the opportunity to learn, play, and potentially move out of their current economic situations gave me a great feeling of satisfaction and joy. I hope to return to Guatemala with School the World next February with the intention of providing children the opportunity to learn in a positive and educational environment. To any who are interested in helping others receive an education and having the journey of a lifetime, I highly recommend consulting School the World.

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Yes, I recommend this program

School The World Student Service Learning

I began traveling with School The World almost four years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school. I was interested in the service trip to Guatemala because a lot of my friends were going, and it sounded like a fun way to spend April vacation. Little did I know that that trip would be the first of many unforgettable experiences with School The World. Before I even returned home from Guatemala, I knew I would be traveling again with STW, and I have been ever since. STW is different from other large non-profit organizations, in that the staff cares so much about each student traveling, as well as each student in the communities they visit. STW's mission touched me on such a personal level, and now I am hoping to make a career out of the lessons and values this organization has taught me. I have not had one bad experience with STW, both in Central America and here in Boston. I always look forward to traveling and working with STW, because no matter how hard the work is, both physically and mentally, everyone is always so passionate and dedicated, making the experience so much fun and so rewarding. Some of my best friends are people I've met through School The World, and I can say without a doubt that my life would not be the same if I had not gone on that one trip sophomore year. I have never seen such a hard-working group of people as the three members which make up the STW staff in Boston -- I admire their commitment and dedication so much. I will always be thankful for everything I've gained from this organization, and I am so proud of all of the amazing accomplishments they've made and the incredible growth they've achieved.

What would you improve about this program?
More students can travel with STW! There is always room for more people to sign up on trips, and the experience is so amazing that I think everyone should give it a chance. The more people who join, the more help we can give to education in Guatemala!
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Yes, I recommend this program

STW is a must for travel eager students!

School the World has created an incredibly wonderful student-service program that has shaped the woman I am today! I just recently finished my sixth trip with STW and have seen the program expand dramatically in recent years. Not only are the experiences themselves uplifting, inspiring, and revolutionary for many students like myself, but the role School the World as an organization continues to play in our lives post-travel is exceptional. As an organization, STW truly cares about their student world changers, what is going on in their lives, and how they as an organization can make their students the happiest and most successful in their endeavors. Because of my experiences with STW throughout high school, I have chosen to study Public Health and Spanish in college in hopes of working for a non-profit like STW in my future. My trips have encouraged me to give to and empower others whenever I have the ability to, and have instilled in me a strong sense of empathy and compassion for human life, potential, and improvement. The STW staff have encouraged me to embrace opportunity with excitement and to remain a curious, active, and determined leader and advocate within my community. STW is an extremely hard working, and close-knit organization that I highly encourage everyone to get to know and be a part of!

One of the most powerful aspects of STW's work is the deep connection the organization has with each community it works with, allowing students who travel with STW to form unforgettable relationships with students and community members in Guatemala. While working in the community everyday, some of the most noteworthy activities are shadowing families in the community, teaching the students in their classrooms, and playing with the students at recess! Another wonderful part of STW's trips is that us students are able to see the progression of the school or playground as we work hands-on to finish it by the end of our week in Guatemala. Working to build the school ourselves and knowing that we as a group were able to fundraise the money for the school makes the overall experience even more exciting!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Bring Education to Guatemala

The trips that I have been on with school the world were the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on and i still want to keep traveling with them! I’ve been on two high school trip and one college trip, going to Guatemala and Honduras. I just love meeting all of the children from the different countries and seeing how happy and grateful they are for what little they have. My favorite trip was my latest one, going to Honduras. The kids spoke English and I loved being able to speak to them and make relationships with them. I love giving back to people like that and seeing how happy they get for what we do for them. These trips have made me realize how grateful I should be for what I have. My favorite memory from my three trips was at the end of my Honduras trip, our group wasn’t able to completely finish building the school but at the dedication ceremony, the children were so happy and excited for the school, even though I.T wasn’t finished.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best times of My Life

5starI can not say enough good things about this organization. They truly do wonderful things, not just for others in struggling countries, but for the students that participate in their Service Learning program. I never would have seen myself giving back so many times when I went on my first trip in April 2015, but I completely fell in love with everything. There is great joy in helping make an entire community smile, and School the World helps in every way possible to make sure that we as students get so very close to the community, so close that you may shed many tears upon leaving. All the staff, both from the United States and Guatemala, are dedicated to the cause, and are all wonderful people who aim to give everyone a life-changing experience. Even the van drivers are some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet!! I would recommend this organization to all, and to give it a try even if you are hesitant about giving back, or going on a service trip. I wish there were more stars to click, and greater words than excellent, because this is definitely better than a 5 star experience, and more than just an excellent program! Thank you School the World for changing my life!!!!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Guatemala July 2016

This Guatemala trip was one of the best trips I've ever been on. I know that the people I met, the friends I made, and the experience I had in Quiche this past week won't be matched by any other trip I go on. I loved the balance between fun and service, and the whole experience was extremely humbling, better than I ever could have hoped or expected. I will always keep the lessons learned from this trip in my heart and mind!