Internship & Outdoor Education Diploma in Germany

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Participate in our Outdoor Education Diploma and improve your Experiential Learning techniques by getting loads of training sessions, while having a chance to instruct group dynamics, and develop leadership skills. An opportunity to embark on an experiential learning process during which you will grow as a human being in many aspects. This invaluable Outdoor Education Diploma program will foster your professional development as you will be trained and certified by a well-reputed European Outdoor Education Academy.

You will acquire knowledge of such diverse topics such as:
High Ropes, Adventure Sports, Survival, Meals, Office, and accounting.

After the intense training component of the Diploma program, having obtained a high-valued certificate, Camp Europe offers the possibility to put into practice what has been learned by extending a placement allocation at one or more of its campsites scattered around Europe. By performing as camp counselor

  • A full Six- Month program, Full training and Experiential Learning Placements.
  • Free of Charge - (a deposit is required, which is refunded upon a successful completion of the program)
  • Paid - Receive a weekly stipend for each placement week you perform.
  • International Atmosphere - Co-live with people coming from up to 40+ different nationalities.
  • Full room / board + Partial transportation costs.

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Smell of the camp fire

Six long months in the camp. So different from "normal" life. Like living in the cushy bubble, on the green island, far away from the city rhythm.

For the first 3 months of internship You have Your little place on the Earth (Vethem Camp / Shire) and small group of people around You who become Your camp family very quickly. You eat, sleep, work and clean up together. You learn new things, have a lot of fun and dig into a hole together. And after this time You realize how hard it is to leave these people and place for summer season and go to the other camps.
But You go somewhere else and... You meet the other great people and You bond very quickly. And over and over again. That's the real magic of Camp Adventure.

It was long 6 months of living Diplo life. Hard working (sometimes 18 hours per day), sometimes being extremely tired, not having time for Yourself. Being far away from home and family. Facing different dilemmas.
But...It was worth it. For all these moments of happiness, laughing, having a lot of fun. For all the beautiful people, friendships, kindness and positive energy You get from them. For the most beautiful sky full of stars above the camp. For everyday campfires which smell stays with You for a long time (Your hoodie knows what I mean). For all the sincere conversations and moments of silence. For learning new skills, sharing experiences, discovering a lot about Yourself and the other people. And, above all, for unique atmosphere You won't find anywhere else.

Thank You Camp Adventure for these enriching experience!
All the best

Yes, I recommend this program

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