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Yearoutindia is looking for volunteers to intern at the YOI project sites in Kerala, South India. Interns will be involved in planning, designing and managing YOI projects.
An ideal candidate for this Internship would be a student or an individual who would like to gain hands on management skills working for an NGO. The internship will expose you to project managment, planning, designing and implementing projects.
YOI Internship is an immersive internship within our projects and our partner non-governmental organisations working on various grassroots sustainable development issues. This service-learning internship is a chance for students to work with NGO Yearoutindia and schools, special schools and other organisations focused on teaching & sustainable development projects. This is a chance for students to gain working knowledge and to apply what they have learned to a specific project and problem.

  • Yearoutindia Internship placements require Interns to be resourceful, committed, self motivated and will definitely involve long hours of work with plenty of excitement and fun.
  • Use and improve your leadership skills - ability to motivate, influence and lead others.
  • Use and improve your planning and organisational skills -scheduling resources, time management, multi-tasking and meeting objectives.
  • Use and improve you problem solving skills - analysing facts and situations, applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions. Often in India, things don't always go as planned, can you be flexible and work creatively?
  • It will give an insight into working in an emerging economy and understand the working culture, way of life and intricacies of Indian social and business scene.

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Yearoutindia aims to represent, support and facilitate wildlife conservation and community development programs in south India through professional and well planned volunteering programs. We are committed to direct involvement in local communities...