Community Development Facilitator in Jamaica
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Community Development Facilitator in Jamaica

If you are passionate about grassroots and community organising, society and politics, or improving quality of life in impoverished areas, then this internship is for you!

Our partner organisation is a community development agency in Jamaica that works hard to guarantee that local people participate in and truly benefit from good governance, economic prosperity, sustainability and social well-being. In the past, our volunteers have organised employment workshops, health fairs, created asset maps, and researched for vital funding, as well as organising community cricket matches and other activities. We work with our partners to tailor each internship to our volunteers' strengths, so you can build on your skill-sets and make a real impact in the community.

This internship is an excellent opportunity for students or graduates to gain invaluable, hands-on work experience, an in-depth understanding of civil society organisations in the developing world, and a unique Caribbean holiday!

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Prices include your meals, accommodation, in-country transportation, tours and leisure activities, 24 hour support from the V2 team on the island, a mobile phone to use during your stay and a recommendation letter to support future job or college applications.
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30 years old

'Once in a lifetime experience!'


This was my 2nd time visiting Jamaica and I had a great time first visit but felt I didn't get to see the real Jamaica as it was very Hotel/ Resort based. So when I came across V2 it sounded perfect for what I was looking for in terms of seeing a new side of Jamaica and of course getting to work with some lovely people. And to be honest it surpassed my high expectations, it was an amazing experience! From the very beginning it was so well organised (I volunteered before with a lot of big companies around the world and believe me some of the basic things get over looked). So to have a clear itinerary, nice accommodation and then the chance to work with so many cool people in such a beautiful country was a real once in a lifetime experience, that i'd definitely recommend.

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25 years old
London, England
University of Brighton

Excellent Oversea Experience


The V2 Volunteers program was a very enriching experience as a whole. The opportunity to be involved in an overseas community based program has really opened up a whole new world to me and aided in my growth as a person. V2 were very accommodating to all of my needs such as taking me to explore exotic locations and finding the most delectable cuisines. They sorted out excellent accommodation and very reliable travel to and from my volunteer community. The staff were all very approachable and supportive through all aspects of my experience and provided a superb working environment.

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V2 develops 15-days immersion placements in Jamaica and Tobago. Students or professionals can volunteer in unique projects and gain hands-on experience in Marine Conservation, Veterinary & Animal Care, Community Development, Children & Youth or Teaching projects.

Through our programmes, volunteers gain an understanding of the