DHL Internship Program in Swaziland, Egypt, & Turkey

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Since 1996, we’ve been partnering with AIESEC to offer undergraduates and master’s degree students the chance to do 6-12 month developmental internships at our corporate divisions around the world. AIESEC interns enjoy the real experience on complex projects, and the chance to gain the sort of skills required by global organizations such as ours. The qualifications necessary for an internship in the AIESEC program mostly depend on the requirements of the department offering the position.

  • Communicate effectively in a diverse environment, all the while allowing you to empower others.
  • A new work culture and environment will test your skills to be solution-oriented and adaptable to overcome challenges and uncertainty.
  • Exposure to a different country will open up awareness of global issues and empower you to become more of a world citizen.
  • Working abroad will allow you to find your values, explore your passions, and become more self-aware.

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