Alumni Spotlight: Mary Ball

Study abroad experiences in Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, and Northern Ireland.
Lived and worked in Japan and Ireland.
Always looking for my next adventure!

Give us a little intro

Fencing collage in Ireland

What's your favorite story to tell about your time abroad?

I was in Northern Ireland for Thanksgiving, and my friends helped me to plan a Thanksgiving celebration. All of the ingredients weren't exactly the same as back home, but we substituted where we could. We cooked all of the food together and had so much fun. Even now when I think about that night in that little apartment in Belfast, I feel so warm and happy. It is amazing the different ways that you can connect with people and how you can find a place to belong so far away from what you are used to.

What was the experience of teaching in a Northern Irish school

I had an amazing experience with my school placement. The curriculum in Northern Ireland is very different from in America, but the program provided us with training before we started our placements so the transition was easier. I absolutely loved sharing my American culture with my students, and having them share their culture with me. I found this to be a very rewarding experience.