Alumni Spotlight: Kurt Jacobson

Why did you decide to volunteer with Global Volunteers in Romania?

Kurt: I had seen GV features on the Today Show and felt I was being called to use some of my vacation time dedicate to a purpose beyond my own desires. The Romania program was in a part of the world I had visited only briefly and it fit the time frame in which I was able to go. In the end, the Romania program was var more than a purposeful vacation at the right time! It was an experience in seeing the transformation of young lives and the appreciation of a culture which for so long had been cut off from the world.

Views of Romania

Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

Kurt: My time was split between teaching conversational English to sixth and seventh graders and the Tutova Clinic.

My days at the middle school were divided into morning and afternoon sessions with two groups of eager adolescents. Each session included some activities in which students engaged interactively to practice their vocabulary, grammar and speech. Then using English, I would ask them to teach me about their interest, families, country and hopes for the future. They would also inquiry about life in America.

The days at Tutova were lively with the young children and as siting the staff in feeding, developing large motor function and social development. I especially enjoyed the "mobiles" and taking them outside. Their faces would light up when the heard the sounds of nature and saw the passing of a horse-drawn wagon or a dog.

How has this experience helped you grow personally and professionally?

Kurt: The experience has inspired me to seek out other ways of volunteering as well as exploring other places in the world. The structure, excellent leadership and the mission of GV provide a safe, positive and enlightening experience.