Alumni Spotlight: Lacey Nagar

My name is Lacey, I traveled for three weeks in March 2011, I am from Vermont but currently live in New Mexico. I am 26 (I was 25 when I went). I am currently a legal assistant and attending graduate school for my Master's in Public Administration.

Why did you decide to volunteer abroad with Love Volunteers in Costa Rica?

Lacey: I wanted to volunteer in a Spanish speaking country so I could work on my Spanish. I decided on Costa Rica because it seemed like it had better amenities, and was more developed, than some other countries. I do not think I am someone who could be without hot water, running toilets, etc. I did a lot of research on different travel/volunteer companies and Love seemed to have the most access to real people so I could ask questions and flush out my concerns. Going to another country for several weeks is a big deal and I wanted to know what I was getting into.

A day in the classroom

Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

Lacey: We tried to think of a lesson and a game for each day to keep the children occupied. I taught Monday-Friday from 9-12ish. I would then go home, eat lunch, relax and go back to the office for my Spanish lessons each day from 3-5. Most nights I would have dinner with friends or go out, or stay in with my host family. I did a lot of relaxing. Costa Rica is amazing because the people there don't worry about time. You can totally lose yourself in things that you often don't get to do in the states. On the weekends I tried to do some site seeing. A bunch of us went to Manuel Antonio for a long weekend and it was easily my favorite part of the trip. It was so beautiful.

What made this volunteer abroad experience unique and special?

Lacey: My host families (I moved houses once), the staff at the office, the Spanish Teachers, and the other volunteers (most of who were not even on my project) were such amazing people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. And of course, the country is beautiful.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Lacey: I was so happy the whole time I was there. It impacted my life because I know that I need to try to be more relaxed and have fun in my normal life. In addition, it has made me want to travel more and has given me confidence to travel by myself.