Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Greenhaus

Why did you decide to study abroad with Panrimo in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

Kyle: Being that I have what could be considered an obsession with learning Spanish, I knew that I wanted to study abroad at some point during my college career. I have several friends that studied abroad in Buenos Aires and loved it, so after a bit of research, I settled on Argentina for its rich culture and beautiful dialect of Spanish. The only thing was that I wanted my experience to be a bit different than that of my friends.

Like most students who study abroad, they went through a large organization and therefore were part of a large group of other American students. Although it's nice to have the safety net of people who speak your own language, the language your in the country to learn simply does not improve as much.

I chose Panrimo due its size and customizable options. I wanted to go abroad on my terms and, being someone who always has a million questions, I didn't want to have to be put on hold or talk to a computer every time I called with a question. With Panrimo, Paul or Tony always picked up after two or three rings and were more than willing to talk as long as I wanted. They found me a great host family who I love, and my contact here in Buenos Aires is wonderful as well. Panrimo is an affordable option for someone looking to study abroad on their own terms, but needs a little help in figuring it all out.

What made studying in Newcastle a unique and special experience?

Kyle: Without a doubt, the best part of my trip so far has been the experience that I had volunteering in an organization called Un Techo Para Mi Pais (A Roof for my Country). It is a gigantic non-profit organization in Argentina that is made up of and led by young people with the goal of tackling the issue of widespread poverty in the country.

We went to a neighborhood in the providence of Buenos Aires where the majority of the inhabitants live in conditions of extreme poverty, and my group of 10 kids built a house for a family in three days. It was an incredible experience and I learned not only a ton of Spanish, but made amazing friends, and learned a lot about life and the spirit of the people living in these precarious conditions.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Kyle: I've just recently begun looking into opportunites for work on an organic farm in the mountains of Patagonia. It's been great living in the city, but being somewhat of a country boy, it's time I return to my roots and experience life in "el campo" of Argentina.

I'm staying until December, so I'm about making Novemeber a month for traveling. I figure since I have the freedom to do so, why not take advantage of it. I would like to travel south to see the mountains in Patagonia as well as north to Iguazu, one of the most beautiful and well known waterfalls in the world.