Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Carroll

Why did you decide to study abroad with AustraLearn at Bond University?

Melissa hiking in Australia

Melissa: I decided to study abroad with AustraLearn because of the preparation that they provided me with. Living in a foreign country, even for just a brief time, can be a complex process. I was glad to have been assigned one person with AustraLearn that I could (and did!) contact at any point before or during my experience.

AustraLearn’s relationship with Bond University was also a deciding factor. Bond’s flexible year-round and expansive class schedule helped me have a life-changing experience without disrupting my graduation timeline at home.

Melissa enjoying the beach

What made your study abroad experience unique and special?

Melissa: My experience was unique and special in so many ways. I have so many memories of traveling all across Australia and New Zealand, experiencing things I had only ever seen in photographs. I loved meeting people that I still have relationships with. I had no idea that I would make lifelong friends, not only with Australians, but also with people from across the world. There’s something really amazing about sharing a once-in-a lifetime experience with people!

How has this experience impacted your future?

Melissa: My experience studying abroad is still impacting my life today. Without the classes that were offered at Bond (and not at my school here in the US!) I would not be in the graduate program I am. The experience gave me confidence- if I can book international travel, hike a glacier, and figure out a foreign city’s bus schedule while hauling a 40 pound microwave home to my apartment, I can do just about anything.