Alumni Spotlight: Darcy Diaz


Why did you choose SCAD for your study abroad experience?

I've always wanted to travel and have been going to SCAD for three years now. When the chance to apply came along, I just couldn't pass it up! I've never been anywhere besides America's east cost, so this felt like the best decision. I was given hands-on experience with my classes and was able to talk to my professors on a new, more intimate level. The whole trip has changed my view of the world and makes me want to embrace what it has to offer. I really don't think it would be possible to have an experience as good as this anywhere else or with any other provider.

What experience was more unique and special with SCAD in France?

We were able to live in a medieval village, where the students outnumbered the residents! The language barriers hardly ever caused any problems though - if anything, interacting with the locals in such a unique way allowed for new avenues for learning the French language (especially because I was able to use it daily!). However, a few key phrases can get you through your study abroad experience there, as the time spent is relatively short. It's always a good idea to challenge yourself though!

What advice can you offer future students wanting to study-in-France?

Be polite, give French an honest try, and you will be surprised by how helpful and friendly the French people can be. During my eight week stay in the south of France, I learned more than I could have imagined and my language skills improved leaps and bounds. Spending a week in Paris, absorbing the culture and exploring the sights was a perfect cap to my French study abroad experience. That being said, I would recommend students "visit" Paris and "study" elsewhere - there's just so much to see in France!