Alumni Spotlight: Jacob Broude

Jacob Broude is from New York City and his trip was from June 26th to July 22st. He lives in New York City and attends Trevor Day School. He is in 11th grade and have lived in NY all his life. He went to summer sports camp for 7 years before his summer program which was also a really fun experience. Lastly, he loves sports, especially baseball.

Why did you decide to volunteer with Global Works in France?

Jacob: I decided to go with Global Works because not only did it include a strong service program but it included other aspects that I loved including the 11 day homestay, hiking and a bit of sightseeing. This trip was a conglomerate of all of my favorite activities to do during the summer. It was basically the perfect trip for me.

Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

Jacob: In the alps, we got up around 8 oclock, had breakfast then packed up our bag for the day. With our lovely guide Laurent, we were brought around to different locations to do our service, either by car or by hike. We cleaned out trails to make them more visible and easier to navigate. We also improved walls on paths that the bergers and their sheep took to get up the mountain. The tradition of the sheep herders and their sheep is one that is a storied one. After 6 to 8 hours of service, we headed back to our hostel and talked about the days activities.

Global Works offers programs in many countries

What made this experience unique and special?

Jacob: The whole experience of service allowed for much bonding between the members of our trip as well as the service that went with it. We worked together well, and had an enriching experience helping out the French community. It was unique because I was helping a foreign community while learning and understanding this new culture. It was enriching to speak to French people in French and use my school learning abroad.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Jacob: This has really affected my future. The trip furthered my love for France and the french culture. I met a lot of people who I still talk to today. It really changed my view on the world. Even the group leaders were amazing and really helpful.