Alumni Spotlight: Carmen Grabuschnig

Why did you decide to work abroad in New Zealand through Working Holiday Starter?

Carmen with friends from work in New Zealand

Carmen: I was planning my trip to New Zealand and felt like I could use a bit of help for my first few days. So I looked around and found Working Holiday Starter and it was the cheapest and the guys were really helpful on their chat so I went with it, turns out it was a very good choice!

What made this experience so unique and special?

Carmen: New Zealand is by far the best country I visited, it’s such an awesome country made for travelers! I did so much there. Worked, partied, travelled… And also I met so many great people. I think that I will carry this experience with me all my life!

How has this experience impacted your future?


  • Personally: I met many life long friends, discovered a new country and a new culture and pushed myself to do things that I would have never done at home.
  • Professionally: I can now put on my CV that I am truly bilingual and I have work experience to bring back home.
  • Academically: I practiced my English and improved much faster than when I was in school, practicing it every day makes a world of difference.

Carmen with friends at Auckland Beach. She took a gap year in New Zealand.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone considering taking a gap year in New Zealand?

Carmen: Don’t think about it too much, at one point you should just go and do it. Taking this gap year was the best thing that I have ever done. And you'll really get so much out of it!