Alumni Spotlight: Tracey Iliffe

Tracey Iliffe is a freelance choregrapher living outside of London. She loves traveling and gets to do it with work and for her own fun.

Morning: We would to work together as we all lived in a house for the volunteers, after a 10 min stroll, we would arrive and do yoga at 8am with the kids. Then we would start an art project that we had pre-researched. This would go on for approx an hour and a half, followed by activities until lunch at 11am.

After lunch we would try to encourage to clean their teeth with a toothbrush 'station' set up for them, our lunch break was 12 to 2pm. Some mornings individuals would help in English class with pronunciation.

Tracey volunteering with kids in Cambodia

Afternoon: The afternoons were a repeat of the mornings without the yoga, art project at 2 til 4 ish. Activities and games for the last hour until 5pm. We also had a khmer lesson for half an hour if you wanted to join.

Evening: Most evenings involved a shower, a beer, and going for dinner together at a local food place. We would usually do this as a group, some evenings would be cooking and a DVD in our TV room.

Highlights: The whole experience was amazing!! My own personal highlight was teaching the kids dance classes in their lunch hour, then at the end of my stay I wrote a mini musical which the kids performed, they made all the props and masks as part of their art project. The other highlight was getting to know the children as individuals over a period of time. Cambodia is an amazing place, I'd recommend to anyone.