Staff Spotlight: Aleasha Winters

ITTT TEFL Program Director in Costa Rica


Aleasha Winters is the director of ITTT in Costa Rica. She is originally from North Carolina, but came to Costa Rica in 2001 to do a one-month study program, fell in love with the beauty of the country and decided to stay! Even after living in Costa Rica for 12 years, She is still excited to live in a country where monkeys, toucans, volcanoes, and beauty everywhere you look abounds!

What makes Costa Rica a unique destination to obtain a TEFL Certification?

Aleasha: Costa Rica provides an amazing place to complete the TEFL Certificate Course any time of year, given the incredible year-round tropical climate. There are few places on earth as biodiverse and culturally dynamic as Costa Rica, attracting more than one million international visitors a year. Our particular area is one of the most visited destinations in all of Costa Rica, sought out for its unbelievable beaches, abundant wildlife and rainforest trails to explore. Here, the rainforest meets stunning white-sand beaches and provides a beautiful, exotic atmosphere as the backdrop of your TEFL course. Even more, with over 100 years of political stability, Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Latin American and known for its peace-loving, friendly way of life.

What are some extracurricular activities students participate in during this course?

Aleasha: From birdwatching to white water rafting, from taking in a beautiful sunset to ziplining through the rainforest, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Spotting jungle animals such as iguanas, monkeys, and sloths is a common occurrence and the nearby beaches provide a beautiful place to try your hand at surfing, go whale watching, or relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. You will be given a list showing the plethora of activities in the area during the orientation meeting and we are happy to set you up on as many tours as you wish to partake in during your time in Costa Rica.

Do students generally stay in Costa Rica to teach after completing this course? What are some other popular destinations?

Aleasha: One of the most rewarding parts of my jobs is seeing where the TEFL certificate takes students after they finish the course. We have graduates of our program teaching all over Costa Rica, but also in far-off destinations such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Spain, South Korea, Ecuador, and Argentina! The opportunities are endless and the training you receive during our program will prepare you to teach anywhere you wish in the world!

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone considering obtaining TEFL Certification in Costa Rica?

Aleasha: You Only Live Once! Come to Costa Rica for a month and enjoy all that our tropical location has to offer while obtaining a TEFL certificate that will open the door to jobs around the world! Both the practical teaching experience and life experience you will gain during this course are qualities that you will be glad to have gained. We're waiting for you!