Staff Spotlight: David Vondra

Get to know one of ESAC's outstanding co founders, David Vondra. Today, he fulfills the role of Managing Director for ESAC's programs and will no doubt be a helpful friend and resource for all students in Prague!

Megan: What has been your career path so far?

David: I began my career as an attorney, then transitioned into full-time teaching and directing study abroad and international programming in 1996, when I moved to Prague, Czech Republic to teach at the Charles University Law Faculty. Several years later, upon completing my doctoral studies at the University of Denver, I co-founded the European Study Abroad Center to provide students with a high quality academic program and amazing cultural experience in Central Europe.

Megan: What separates ESAC from other study abroad providers?

David: Students are guaranteed an intimate experience with ESAC; we do not shuffle the students around from tourist joint to tourist joint. Instead, we aim to give program participants a real look into life in the city. Our programs are a good value and students are eligible to receive college credit for their participation. If students are interested in studying alongside individuals from all over the world (not just their home country), our program is going to make the best fit!

Megan: What does the future hold for ESAC?

David: As ESAC continues to grow, our goal is to make students international experience educationally significant and culturally meaningful. Furthermore, it is our intention to make their experience one that has a lasting impact on a students future in terms of how it improves their global awareness and how they can use this as an opportunity to sell themselves once they become job candidates.