Staff Spotlight: Ludovic Torréton

French Teacher
“There’s more than one life in a life” could outline his life. After working in TV channel, and next in TV dubbing, he got back to studies and became FLE teacher (Français Langue Etrangère, French Language for Foreigners). He joined OISE in February 2014.

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Why is language learning and cultural immersion important for you?

Ludovic: I think that language and culture are absolutely inseparable.

You can’t deeply understand a culture if you know nothing about the language which it is linked to, and reciprocally, you can’t fluently speak a language without knowing the culture this language carries.

To bring people from various countries closer together, I think nothing is more efficient than cultural exchanges. The final aim is, for me, to know others better, to become a better person, and in the end, to build together peace on Earth!

This can sound a bit naive, but I really believe in it. Another world is possible!

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?


Ludovic: Since I work with my current company, I (re)experience the great pleasure of teamwork. During long years, in my former life, before becoming teacher, I was spending days long alone in front of my computer.

Now, not only do I provide communication means to the students, but I can share my experiences with colleagues, and I can feed from their own. By meeting human beings, I’m becoming a more mature human being, and I have much more to give. You know, teaching is a love story!

What was your favorite traveling experience?

Ludovic: For me, travels are first inside travels, inside your own mind. When you travel in an unknown country, you lose your landmarks, and you have to think in a new way, you must rebuild your perception of the world.

It’s a very sane way of cleaning the doors of perception. So, every travel is able to be an amazing experience as long as you accept to break your values to feel different. There’s an hebrew proverb that says: “never ask for directions, you would risk not getting lost.” This is it.