Staff Spotlight: Angela Liu

Senior Placement Director
Angela is a Placement Director in China Internship Placements with enormous experience of working with Young Graduates and preparing them for the Job Market. She presents one of the finest researches and methodologies in placement methodology. She is in charge of generating job descriptions and designing Mentoring Programs for our Partner companies to be able to lead effectively our interns.

What position do you hold at China Internship Placements? What has been your career path so far?

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I have been with China Internship Placements (CIP)for the past 4 years. I joined the company as an entry level staff and was later promoted to the position of a Placement Director. Over the years, I have served more than 2500 applicants successfully and I take pride in that.

I acquired my Bachelor Degree in MSc Human Resource Management inUniversity of South Wales and joined ChineseState Department in Charge of recruiting Foreign Talents for State Owned Enterprises. I was responsible for ensuring Job Descriptions as well as corporate environments fit recruited experts and suggest remuneration packages.

Prior to that, I committed to internships with various human resource consulting houses in Wales, Haven. I worked for 3 years. I returned to Wales for my Masters in Contemporary Human Resource Management and Budgeting. Upon completion, I joined CIP, which I have remained with till date. The experience is been awesome so far.

What does the future hold for China Internship Placements - any exciting new programs to share?

In short, 2016 will see CIP’s affiliate Program (Center for Experience and Language Exchange) being officially supported by the Chinese Government and promoted as such. This means more support and satisfaction to clients. I joined CIP because I was passionately and personally attached to their vision and mission.

Throughout my working years, I have seen rapid transformation of CIP from an agency to an extensive PLATFORM and a consultancy firm made of various stakeholders from International and Local Organizations of various Sizes, Government Institutions, Universities to Clients.

My role has always been fulfilling because there are avenues for growth and development. CIP in 2014 have moved towards a more consulting aspect of the business and at the end of every Year, we consult and plan the internship needs of our Partner organizations. This gives us the leverage to input value into the various levels satisfying Interns and all other stakeholders.

We are concentrating on value addition to promote the quality of our programs. CIP has partnered with various leadership and consulting firms to deliver quality leadership trainings for our interns.

These trainings will include Entrepreneurial Training which teaches participants to how to practically start up in China and we connect them to our networks to get funding, Leadership Training and Corporate Grooming. The programs will be delivered by Senior Staff from fortune 500 companies.

These Companies include Accenture, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, and Karl Benz Leadership Academy The greatest of our new roll outs is to secure permanent Job positions for our Alumni and Interns since we belong to the largest HR Group in China with leverage in HR Consulting. We are also rolling out Customized Programs where Applicants could select whatever they want in China and we will just deliver to them.

What about the future of the industry? How do you think intern abroad and international education will change over the next 10 years?

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The future brings lots of expectations from Interns and it will take organizations that are innovative at meeting these needs to survive. The new era will see more participants of Education abroad Programs dictating the standards the industry must meet.

As long as the Job market continues to raise the bar of qualification to be hired, Interns will always demand more value addition. This is what CIP is committed to.

Which intern abroad destination is most underrated? Conversely, which is most overrated?

China has received a huge share of global mass flow of interns over the recent past and the trend will continue into foreseeable future. Several participants in the past has also mentioned that their internship in China with Mandarin study has been an immense contributor to their ability to secure Jobs.

Studying in China presents numerous opportunities for young Graduates especially to gain permanentJob positions and start their own businesses with very little guidance. China has seen influx of several organizations that are demanding quality human resources to survive. So I will advise all applicants to head toChina as the opportunities are enormous

Why is language learning and cultural immersion important to you?

Cultural immersion has become a very powerful tool all Young Graduatesmust acquire. In the era of globalization where most organizations are transitioning intoInternational Phase, there is always a demand for Human resources that can reason in various capacities taking decisions while factoring in, cultural underpinnings of diversified client base.

Languages like Mandarin (ChineseLanguage) is the most spoken in the world even ahead of English. It is also noted that it is becoming a very important game changer for Job seekers. Young Graduates who could speak Chinese language and knows a little about the culture have outperformed their colleagues especially in the UK.

What unique qualities does your company possess?

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China internship Placements (CIP) is the first ever Internship Platform to have a solid backing from the government. Our uniqueness and professionalism is displayed in the delivery of our services. We stand out in the following ways:-CIP is a platform that brings together various stakeholders and Providers including Government Agencies, Fortune 500 Organizations.

All our interns are insured by the government’s insurer and participant-We have a tough team of Human Resource Experts we do not leave the delicate placement process to Sales staff as there is nothing to sell but people to transform.

We provide Professional Mentoring and grooming as part of our dedication to transforming talents. CIP is a Human Resource Consulting House and we service huge organizations by planing their HR Budget. HenceInternship Placements are always made right.We place our interns on projects to gain real experiences.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

From over 4000 participants that we have dealt with over the years, we look back with much success and even further motivated to move forward. One touching experience I had was when our Alumni was appointed Heard of Corporate Affairs for Lehman Brown Accounting Firm.

One day during one of our meetings, we met him and he was able to make me out of the rest of the staff and he narrated all that had happened after Interning in China. Currently, we have a strong contract with the company because of the professional services that we had provided in the past. I was pleased to know that the selfless services that we provide to our interns will always live after us.