Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+
Au Pair Hospitality Work Exchanges

Job Description

Enjoy everything that Australia has to offer through this program! Work and travel your way around vibrant cities and charming locations in the country.

At Numadi, we’ll set you up with all you need to work and find your way around. The best advantage is you can follow a flexible schedule, working and exploring on times that best suits your interest.

Casual jobs are abundant across numerous sectors and industries - horticulture, agriculture, hospitality, construction, etc! Working a few months at a time in certain locations is a truly rewarding and exciting way to see Australia.

Plenty of short-term placements are available, enabling you to work for a period in a certain location before moving onto the next. Of course, you could fall in love with a certain place and stay there the entire time, taking short breaks to see the rest of Australia as your work allows.