Employment Type
Contract Length
1 Year+
Au Pair Hospitality Remote Working Holiday

Job Description

We are looking for a culinary master, who’s passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and wants to travel the world supporting the mission, health & happiness of 1 entrepreneur, 1 large great dane puppy (Ringo!), and loving friends as I/we travel the world. 
Click here to see photos from the trips we had during the last few months!

After years of starting & selling companies, and living between Toronto, SF, and NYC, I’ve decided that the concept of needing to stay in one city is not for me.
We travel around the world, spending around 1-3 months in each location, alternating between “hubs” - places we visit regularly, and new unexplored destinations.
We’re looking for a special person who will travel with myself, our other team members, and friends to help us make our life & travel experience seamless and magical - wherever we go, life unfolds effortlessly & wondrously!
We all work full time running companies as well as take plenty of time various activities like hiking, biking, tennis, workout, excursions, meditation.
Your role would be supporting myself as well as our group, by:

  • Planning and cooking beautiful meals according to dietary needs and restrictions (keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, eat-everything, etc!)

  • Sourcing highest quality foods and ingredients in every location we are staying

  • Preparing regular casual meals as well as dishes for special occasions and to welcome guests
  • Preparing daily snacks, refreshments and drinks, and other confectionary delights
  • Cooking for small to large groups 12 people
  • Researching and experimenting with new ingredients and food combinations
  • Working with our in house doctor and nutritionist consultants to optimize diets
  • Creating exciting, healthy and vibrant menus!

The person who is right for this role is someone who:

  • Believes that food is the best medicine!

  • Passionate about food, flavors as well as nutritional research

  • Has a passion for healing foods and a commitment to caring for others

  • Highly proficient in a broad range of cuisines and techniques with a focus on wellness

  • Has proficiency with basic dietary needs as well as allergy alternatives

  • Has technical competency in non-dairy, keto and plant-based food science & innovation, trends and ingredient functionality

  • Can easily traverse different cultures and situations

  • Proactive and able to work without significant direction and/or context 
  • A flexible, go-with-the-flow individual who has open availability and can roll with whatever comes

  • Is self-aware and looking to grow their awareness and consciousness

  • Is a ton of fun!!!

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Join us?


All of your accommodation, flights, and meals will be covered, in addition to a monthly salary.

  • We will invest in you and your personal, professional, and spiritual growth by exposing you to some of the most incredible people, transformative experiences, retreats, etc.
  • You will visit some of the most beautiful, inspiring locations around the world.
  • Adventure, laughter, FUN!