South Africa
Employment Type
Contract Length
1-3 Months
Non Profit
Business Finance International Business Startups Technology

Job Description

Whether you are looking for experience in a fast-paced for-profit organization or would prefer to apply your knowledge and work for an organization that helps the underprivileged, VACorps will customize a business internship that will help you work towards your goals and objectives.

Cape Town is home to a wide variety of Asset Management Companies, Venture Capital Firms, Start-up Accelerators, Fin-Tech Companies, Hedge Funds, Financial Consulting Firms, and Research Firms. VACorps has partnered with companies within these industries and offers custom Financial Internships in Cape Town based on your goals and objectives. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

Start-up Incubator Internships: Learn how incubator/accelerator funds make investment decisions and provide support to South Africa’s emerging businesses.

Asset Management Internships: Private equity, venture capital, listed equity, fixed income, derivatives or real estate: See how emerging market asset managers research, value, allocate and invest in their assets of choice.

Financial/Economic Research Internships: Intern at a research or consulting firm and gain perspective on how industry professionals research various assets, industries, and trends within an emerging economy.


  • 18+ years of age
  • Strong interest in entrepreneurship, business intelligence, operations management, leadership, and/or technology