Employment Type
Contract Length
1-3 Months
Non Profit
Computer Science Engineering Finance Law Marketing


Job Qualifications

  • No Experience Needed

Job Benefits

  • Work from anywhere
  • Choose your internship start date
  • Flexible internship lengths of 1-3 months
  • Flexible weekly commitments from 10-30 hours
  • Support throughout your internship from dedicated coaches
  • Completion certification and reccomendation

Job Description

Call it what you will: remote internship, virtual internship, online internship, telecommuting, it all means the same thing - the ability to complete an internship without a commute and directly from your own computer! For the past four years, Virtual internships have worked to connect hundreds of students and professionals with career-boosting remote internship experiences in finance, law, marketing, IT, business, media, and much more.

Our global network of 12,000+ host companies spans 110+ countries, giving applicants the choice of a wide variety of program experience options!

* Gain global work experience, connections, and boost your resume/CV while completing an internship from the comfort of your own home.
* Guaranteed internship within the country and/or career field of your choice!
* Freedom to select from 10 or 30 hours of work per week, with a duration of 1, 2, or 3 months.
* Access to CareerBridge, our global internship curriculum used to enhance your professional growth within the NACE career readiness competencies.
* Participate in weekly group discussions, business webinars, and online language lessons included in the program!
* Dedicated Program Experience Manager and Internship Coach to support interns with their progress, self-assessments, and assist with highlighting skills gained and leveraging their experience for future career opportunities.


- Earn Academic Credit: Our School of Record allows Virtual Internships to offer participants 3, 6, or 9 transfer credits for their internship.
- Gain a Global Network: Engage with peers and professional networks in a dynamic international context, building a pathway for a future international career from the comfort of your home.
- Stand Out to Employers: Remote working requires high levels of time management and self-discipline. Completing an internship online will allow you to hone these skills for when you’re ready to enter full-time employment.
- Improve your Resume/CV: Virtual International Internships not only allow you to acquire new professional skills, but also let you add project-based work experience in your chosen field of study to further enhance your resume/CV.
- Gain Remote Working Skills: Over 70% of today’s workforce works at least one day a week remotely. Completing an online internship will give you direct experience and increase your skills in written communication and problem solving, as well as mastering software and platforms relevant to your career field.