Employment Type
Contract Length
2-4 Weeks 1-3 Months 3-6 Months
Non-Monetary Benefits
Non Profit
Hospitality Tourism


Job Qualifications

  • Although this area of work is open to all graduates; any person with undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications related to hospitality, tourism management, Leisure management & heritage management, conservation, Travel & safaris management is desired

Job Description

Early Bird Safaris focuses on full packages that cover all parks and tourist destinations in Uganda. The effort of the volunteer will support a team of people with experience in handling safaris and tours.

The volunteer shall handle marketing Tourism services and develop tourism products, packages, services and facilities.

Roles: To put in place a mechanism for a functioning travel and safaris services.\

Duties and Responsibilities

As a tourism officer, you'll need to:
• Develop and produce tourist information, including art work, tourism guides and newsletters
• Devise and plan tours and arrange itineraries for tourists
• Liaise with local operators, the media, designers and printers
• Manage staff, budgets and staff training needs
• Provide funding and business advice
• Develop e-tourism platforms, including websites, and construct business databases
• Plan and write funding applications
• Work on product development
• Undertake market research with members of the public and visitors to particular attractions
• Carry out strategic planning and development, such as producing tourism strategies and lobbying, devising and implementing marketing campaigns.