Employment Type
Contract Length
6-12 Months


Job Qualifications

  • Animal Lover
  • Household duties experience

Job Benefits

  • None

Job Description

Come experience rural Portugal!
We are currently offering a paid position.

There are 3 main responsibilities:

1) House care - this means cleaning. With six dogs and one cat, we have lots of hair and sand everywhere. We need daily cleaning. Also, we need laundry duties, making beds, cooking, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, etc.

2) (and the most important one) - Dog (and cat) care - We have 6 dogs with lots of energy and demanding lots of attention and love. This is the main responsibility - caring for them, sitting when we are not at home (or when we are working from home), checking if they have water, food, ticks, if they lost their collars, if they are all accounted for at night, and a lot more. This might sound like "Oh, I love dogs, I will love this job!", but this is a high responsibility-high maintenance task. They are our family. 

3) Farm tasks - watering trees and gardens, cleaning the pool, cleaning leaves, gathering wood, composting, cleaning the pool, picking up dog poo, and general tidying around.

What do you get?
Salary + lodging (private room and bathroom), and all bills paid (water, electricity and internet), and meals. Also, you get to live on a beautiful farm, with a great pool, a nice fireplace in front of a big sofa.  

We are not very rigid about this, especially because the task of dog-care, as sometimes we need help out of the "normal" hours for work. We request usually 7 daily hours with 2 days off per week. The daily schedule depends on task needs and weather (might be too hot to be outside at certain times).

Who are we looking for?
To begin with, if you are not excited about the prospect of sleeping with some dogs in your bed, this is not the house for you. You need to be proactive. This means you need to tell us what needs doing, not the other way around. You enjoy and are able to work under minimal supervision. You have to enjoy a rural setting, and be comfortable with all types of animals. We don't kill spiders, and we rejoice with the life growing around us. You are hands-on, enjoy physical work, but also enjoy some quiet time reading a book by the fire. But above all, you love animals, especially dogs and cats. You enjoy their presence, you recognize their intelligence, and how much we can learn from them.

You need to speak either english, or portuguese or spanish. We can communicate in any of these three languages. 

If this interests you please reach out to us.

VERY IMPORTANT: please read our profile carefully and send us a personalized message, with the reasons why you are interested in this position. We do not reply to template messages that are not personalized according to our needs.
Our dogs and cat are our family and we want someone who is dedicated to that.