Employment Type
Contract Length
3-6 Months
Non Profit
Advertising Education International Business Marketing Media Relations


Job Description

The Opportunity---
Work for the biggest company on Tiktok in Singapore
Want to know how Tiktok influencers get famous and how to make meaningful viral videos?
Our videos are educational, entertaining and brand-building.
Many videos you enjoy on tiktok are produced by us, such as the #bossyeo #bossroyston #xavierfok series.
Unlike other companies, our founders are influencers ourselves.
Watch and create videos all day long ūüėÄ

Job Description---
1. To download filmed footage from google photos and edit according to company's editing guidelines and requirements
2. To upload footage to google photos and MS teams and coordinate with cameraman and script writer
3. To film according to script and storyboard provided. upload to google photos and coordinate with video editor and scriptwriter 
4. To research on performing videos on tiktok and write scripts based on research framework
5. To upload, manage, reply comments on client accounts

The Company

Ally Media is the biggest media and advertising company focusing on Tiktok videos.
Some of our videos have as much 8,700,000 organic views with total more than 100M organic views.

Ally Media serves clients across all industries including but not limited to insurance, property, aesthetics, fitness, branding. We have a non-compete policy which means that we only serve one client per industry to protect client interests.

Work Culture

We believe in allowing individuals to experiment and figure out what they are good at and to focus on them, and to help each other with their weaknesses.

We believe that the best environment for work, is one with a strong family spirit, and close cooperation.

Core values 
- Honesty
- Kindness
- reciprocity
- loyalty 
- integrity
- give more than we take
- respect 
- curiosity

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